Watain vs. Trump Administration Border Policy
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Thread: Watain vs. Trump Administration Border Policy

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    Watain vs. Trump Administration Border Policy


    Watain guitarist has visa revoked, barred from US ahead of tour w/ Morbid Angel & Incantation

    Not gonna lie, I was way into them circa Lawless Darkness. I caught them on the Behemoth tour where they were support with The Devils Blood and it was fucking great. Stellarvore and all that. Good times. Shortly after that the massive backlash started for them getting too popular. Not into them anymore, as they pulled a Behemoth and started taking themselves way too seriously and all the edgelord "look at us, we are real Satanists" schtick. I got out of the whole Black Metal scene in 2012-ish, when everyone started getting obsessed with embracing the "European Paganism" Nazi shit so haven't paid much attention since.

    I'm sure their fans are pleased with the grammatically suspect anti-Trump rant, since Black Metal edgelord fans happen to be the biggest pro-Trump demographic in US Metal.

    That being said, if they are still doing the un-hygenic, "Throwing real blood on the audience" thing, I'm kind of on the fence here about them being denied entry. There might be an actual case there about not allowing people into the country who endanger citizens by throwing dead animal parts at them. But "they denied our guitarist on the same grounds they would deny a shipment of bologna that may have been contaminated with salmonella" is of course a less interesting than controversy than "they denied our guitarist because we are too evil for them".

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    Also, if this is what happened, that does kind of sound like an abuse of power, but it also sounds fucking hilarious. Some Scandinavian dude being interrogated for 8 hours trying to explain what Black Metal is to border patrol.

    I want to know exactly what edgelord shit on his phone got him denied entry.

    I love the fact that a member of Watain "checked yes" on a questionnaire about whether an officer had treated them badly. Trying to take care of the mistreatment through bureaucracy instead of hexing the officer with a gnarly satanic spell of darkness.

    I've seen it many times. It's always hilarious. Some Black Metal dude is all lord of darkness in the venue and then outside of the concert you see him sheepishly explaining to a cop that someone stole something of his while he left his personal effects in a pile to don a ceremonial robe, and could they please find it.They talk a big game about "taking the law into their own hands like big tough satanists", but the moment something illegal happens to them it's some dude in corpse paint frantically finding the nearest police officer. It never stops being funny. Some dude in full KISS costume just spent 45 minutes lecturing you on stage about how society is weak and people need to take the law into their own hands and be badass and stop counting on other people to protect them, and then you see them afterwards in the parking lot involved in a minor fender bender frantically involving both their insurance and police to as full of an extent as possible.

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    Hey, imagine that- the feds ignore a ruling that searching travelers phones is illegal.

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