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Thread: Old School Sepultura

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    Old School Sepultura

    The Cavalera bros are touring Europe right now celebrating their Classic Beneath and Arise Albums so classic Sepultura came to my mind and I was just wondering who in here saw them at their Prime and before the NU Metal/Drums and "Natives" phase.

    Talking about these days:

    This might not seem as Brutal now, but back then these guys were really really Brutal. Not the best musicians by far but everything just worked. Their aggression towards Life was very present in each Riff and Growl. I miss THIS Sepultura!

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    Didn't see them in this era, though I still have a very worn VHS with the poster intact. I'm not a purist though, I like all the eras of Sepultura (up to the split of course, nobody needs new Sepultura unless it's to be blown away by Eloy playing the classic stuff)

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    I saw them in the Chaos AD tour back in 1994 or 1993 in Barcelona if I'm not mistaken (i'm pretty sure I was high as f...)

    Possibly the best concert I've ever been to... I loved Max Cavalera's BC Rich (the white one)

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    I used to love this band. Beneath and Arise were the shit. But Chaos was a bad sign of things to come. I remember when I saw the premier of the Chaos AD [edit - duh, Refuse / Resist] video on Headbanger's Ball. That juvenile riff was definitely an alarm bell. Roots was just dumb.

    Anyway, I saw them in 94 with Pantera and Biohazard and they were great.

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    And Biohazard was not.

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    I saw 'em back then. Think they played the 9:30 Club in DC not long after Arise came out, but might not have been that tour - memory hazy, ask again later...
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    I saw them on this Tour in 1992, first time they went to play in Portugal. They were LOVED back then.

    Had the privilege of meeting Igor (he was too tired to really hang out) and Andreas. Andreas was amazing. He went to the talk with us at the Metal bar in town. Had his Arm still broken on a Aqua Moto accident but he told us he was going to play next night.

    He just hang out with a few of us for hours signing records/jackets and shirts and drinking and smoking hash

    Next day they gave an amazing show with Max breaking the neck of his white BC Rich by throwing it at a Security guy that was being violent to someone kid that felt on the inside Pit

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    I saw them the first time on their Roots tour, they were still a great live band.

    Oh, and i went to see the Cavaleras last week in Vienna on this BTR/Arise tour, that was much more fun that I expected - and Max even practiced guitar again.

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