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Thread: Your top albums of 2019

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    i enjoyed some heavy metal stuff like traveler, crypt sermon but not much. death metal is where it is for me when it comes to metal these days and frankly speaking i feel like i preferred demos and ep's this year over full lengths, especially all the stuff from maggot stomp. the only full length that i may have enjoyed was the krypts record followed by blood incantation and mortiferum and deiquistor. rest was alright. the biggest dissapointment for me was tomb mold, i didn't particulalry care for the last one but was holding out for this one and it didn't do anyhting for me at all. anywhere heres a small selection of stuff i liked this year.

    oh and as some one who is not much into black metal this one i enjoyed quite a bit followed by the andavald record.

    oh and thrash wise this i guess this

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    This might reek of fanboyism since he's spent time on here but Ola's album was pretty strong-

    Death Angel's release this year was also pretty good

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    I'm in with-

    Tomb Mold- Planetary Clairvoyance for my AOTY
    Coffins- Beyond the Circular Demise, incredible album
    EntombedAD- Bowels of Earth is another standout for me

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    Ive literally got into no new albums this year. At 35 years old, im starting to get the "get off my lawn" mentality and really don't care for the current state of metal. Ive been mainly checking out more obscure 70's and 80s stuff.

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    I noticed that I've discovered quite a few good albums that came out last year this year (for example The Pineapple Thief's "Dissolution"). But there's some good stuff this year as well.

    The new Borknagar is epic as usual

    I also discovered this band that's totally not metal in any way.

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    Swallow the Sun
    This entire album crushes.

    Great album - Not as good as Winter's Gate tho

    Scottish Atmospheric Black Metal - Yes please.


    I liked the previous album much better, but this is still pretty good.

    Had a hard time narrowing things down after #2. I liked a lot of stuff and it was hard to pick what I liked the best.

    I also liked Ola's album quite a lot and also Keith Merrow's.

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    I'm a little out of the loop for new metal releases this year, so I'm checking in here mostly to see what I missed.

    The Klone album was, indeed, great. I didn't know Evergrey released a new one either so I'll check that out. Other than that, I didn't like it as much as Remarkably Human, but Nick Johnston's "Wide Eyes in the Dark" was quite good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    I haven't liked more than a couple albums a year for fucking ages now.

    Album of the year is super obvious. When it was announced I was like, "This is going to be one of the only good albums this year". Did not disappoint.

    The second it got to the cymbal choke I was like, "Album of the year". I'm a sucker for Demolition Hammer style thrashy cymbal choke action. It wasn't as good as The Killing Gods, but The Killing Gods was one of the best albums of the decade.

    Borknagar album had some good cuts too. Haven't really listened to the new Teitanblood yet.
    Misery Index will always be high on my list. Agree it's not as good as The Killing Gods but not much is.

    Borknagar's "Up North" has been in near constant rotation for me, so much so that the kids are starting to complain. Not typical at all to what I listen to, but something about this song just "does it" for me. Might be my favorite song of 2019.

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