Bonnaroo 2020 Lineup
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Thread: Bonnaroo 2020 Lineup

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    Bonnaroo 2020 Lineup

    Here are the bands I've heard of. Not bands I actually like, just names that are familiar to me:

    Thursday: None of them.

    Friday: Tool, Miley, Primus, Dashboard, Adrian Belew, Uncle Acid (only because they opened for King Diamond)

    Saturday: Oysterhead, Tenacious D

    Sunday: Grace Potter, Flogging Molly

    That's it. Who the fuck are all these bands?

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    Miley Cyrus plays literally everywhere
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    [Leon] 10:03 pm: She can poop on my chest anyday

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    I would only go if the special guests for the Grand Ol' Opry include Charlie Daniels, and he gets a chance to speak his mind, gracing us with the same poignant observations he routinely shares on his blog and twitter. Saying such classic Charlie Daniels nuggest of wisdom as;

    "Back in my day what you kids called fascism we called common sense"

    "Back in my day the word racism actually meant something, nowadays they just throw it around to describe anybody who recognizes the scientific fact that the white man is evolutionary superior to the colored folk."

    "I came here to whistle dixie and open a can of whoop ass on the democratic congress, and I'm all out of dixie"

    "Back in my day not prosecuting hate crimes was called respecting your elders"

    "There are only two groups of folk I don't trust, the colored man and horse thieves, though I guess that makes for three groups if you count colored men who are also horse thieves........although now that I come to think of it, the colored man is genetically predisposed to horse thievery, so if you really think about you'll find yourself fixing to declare that statement really, there's only one group of people I don't trust"

    "The jewish folk invented the car to kill the horse industry. I tell you what, ain't no car that can compare to a horse. Don't have to insure a horse. Don't have to worry about a horse's gas mileage. Then the hour of the devil they call the roaring twenties struck and the jewish man made us by all manner of contrapions and models and letters of the alphabet and took our horses and turned them into glue.....I tell you what, there ain't no need for glue. The Jewish man just made that as an excuse to take our horses. If you really take a firm gander at the historical record, there are no references to glue before 1920, before that they just used nails......I tell you what, nails is better than glue any day of the god damn week, especially the Sabbath, which Obama tried to Outlaw but old Charlie Daniels still keeps holy......... if glue was better than nails, why didn't they glue our lord and savior jesus christ to that wooden cruciform? Amen. Pray for the boys in blue and remember Benghazi."

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    Listen, if you haven't heard of Lizzo, that's your problem, not hers.

    Her music rocks, BTW.
    C'mon son.


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    I think I went to the only Bonnaroo worth attending, in 2002.

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    I'm officially old. I've heard of far more of the bands/artists than Chris has, I just can't see paying to see most of them.

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    Grand Ol' Opry should just be Marty Stewart for 6-hours, tbh.

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