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Thread: Neil Peart. 1952-2020

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Unarguably the best rock drummer ever. RIP - only 67 too. Fucking Cancer.


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    Rush was such a fundamental part of my formative years--feels almost like a death in the family.

    The older I get, the more I appreciate the precision and creativity of Neil's approach to drumming. Not just the complexity, but how "orchestral" everything was--it shaped the music as much as it drove it.

    I remember was I was about 16 I thought I was hot shit because I'd learned a bunch of Zeppelin tunes. My guitar teacher recommended that I started trying to learn some Rush songs, and I was suitably humbled thereafter.

    For me, "Freewill" and "Limelight" are the two quintessential Rush songs, and a big part of what I admire about them is how Neil was able to make all the time changes flow smoothly. They sound like singular pieces of groove, even though there's seemingly a time change every other measure. None of it sounds forced, like a lot of tech metal inspired by Rush does. Heck, have there ever been any more rhythmically complex songs that were played on the radio a zillion times a month?

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