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Thread: Phil X joins Gibson

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    I'd rather have no figuring at all on the top than a 1/3 figured mismatched mess like that LP I posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    I'd rather have no figuring at all on the top than a 1/3 figured mismatched mess like that LP I posted.
    Seriously, give me a solid looking paint job over a shitty, uneven top that only looks good from afar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    If you go by Ted McCarty, any variation in a guitar top was undesirable in those early years. The gold tops were there to cover up any less than "flawless" maple, including any amount of flame or quilt.
    Makes me wonder how much quilt is lurking under the old Gold Tops...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    I'd rather have no figuring at all on the top than a 1/3 figured mismatched mess like that LP I posted.
    The 25/50 thing is overrated, anyway. It's a Norlin LPC with Super 400 inlays and a tailpiece you can easily install on any LP. The Kalamazoo build is the only other interesting thing about them. Apart from the vanity shit, a Kalamazoo build will likely have better fretwork and nut/bridge slotting and such. Not anything that justifies spending thousands more for a guitar you just want play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodles View Post
    It’s funny that you mentioned the backs of violins, since Gibson took a similar approach. They did value figured wood and used book-matching, but it was all on the backs of their mandolins and jazz guitars. The electric guitars got whatever was left over, since for decades the company stubbornly viewed them as a fad that was going to eventually die out.
    Gibson historically did take more cues from "classical traditional luthiery", that's for sure.

    the 24.75" scale is derived from Spanish nylon string guitars. That's the traditional scale on those. 25.5" is from newer steel stringed guitars. That's where Fender got that.

    Whatever they are now, there's no question Gibson is the brand with the most claim to the title of "The Great American Guitar Brand" historically speaking.

    They are the only brand who has ever done a signature model for the American military.

    Granted, 1920s Gibson and 2020s Gibson are quite different, but everyone should own at least one sick Gibson.

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    Phil X has to be one of the coolest guys in guitar. Good for him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    There are loads of 300 year old Strativarious violins that have bookmatched backs.
    "Loads" might be SLIGHT hyperbole.
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    That Cantrell interview is horseshit. I ended up scanning through it after a couple of minutes because it was boring me to death, but to my knowledge they don't even touch on the subject of guitars? It's like two buddies catching up, asking about his fucking ranch and shit. Surely you'd want to at the very last ask what sort of Gibsons he likes, which ones are his favourite, why he uses them... You know, something related to the actual fucking subject matter?
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