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Thread: Favorite Van Halen Riff/Song. ONLY ONE

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    Unchained and Panama are up there for me.

    But overall it has to be Runnin’ with the devil for me.

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    I tried to get almost every band I was ever in to cover this one, but no takers...

    But this one is what runs through my mind when I think Van Halen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    Ain't talkin' 'bout love intro riff. No contest.

    That's my spirit riff. It's like a spirit animal of riffs.

    But, since I actually have to choose something, can I be an outlier and choose "Finish What Ya Started"?

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    Confession time. - I have never like Van Halen
    so if I have to pick it would be the Solo from Beat It

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    I'd go with Unchained, I used to blast that in the car on the way to my son's soccer games (when he asked if he could listen to Drake). This always came first
    But two I've been listening to a lot lately are Poundcake, and Seventh Seal, both great tunes.
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    Seventh Seal is a killer riff.

    If you guys haven't heard this riff, you should listen to it. By far the heaviest Van Halen riff ever. I think he was in B?
    Pretty cool song.

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