Another Guitar YouTuber going down? Stevie. T?
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Thread: Another Guitar YouTuber going down? Stevie. T?

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    Another Guitar YouTuber going down? Stevie. T?

    This one of the guys who also called out the Rob Chapman scandal, KDH.

    This will be interesting to see how it pans out concerning Stevie. T, it definitely does not look good...

    I've never been a fan of Stevie. T, his humor or videos have never interested me.

    This is the same guy who accepted to tour as the bassist for Dragonforce but backed out due to his "anxiety."
    If you remember him.

    Curious to see what you guys think of all of this for "Guitar Youtube Land."
    He's been like bullying your average musician on Youtube for disagreeing with things he does and etc. Some other weird stuff too.

    I think his channel needs some reprimanding to some effect, I found the video from Andy Wood sharing it.

    It's annoying to see guys get this level of fame who abuse their platform. None of this is real guitar playing or musicianship. It's a shame to see where we have gotten to.
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    I saw bits of the video and kept thinking Who The Fuck is this dude that seems to waste his time pinpointing the flaws of everybody when he is probably still living in Moms basement and haven't even got over the Acne phase... then after 3 min or so I shut it down and went on my life.

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    Guy is the most annoying one out of all of them by a fucking mile.

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    Yea this gets a strong from me. I just play guitar and enjoy songs about wizards and shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    I just play guitar and enjoy songs about wizards and shit.

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    The way he reaches out to young children is definitely a little disturbing...

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    No idea who this guy is, but since he's not Ola I don't care either.
    "Oh, those jazz guys are just making that stuff up!" - Homer J. Simpson

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