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Thread: Another Guitar YouTuber going down? Stevie. T?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flexkill View Post
    Bunch of passive aggressive cunts the lot of you.

    Let me show how cool/important I am to let you know that I am way above and have zero time for this nonsense. When I could have just not replied at all.

    Edit: Also, how is Rick Beato any different from any of these other YT'rs? "Getting out important info"? Please. The guy constantly spams and pushes his own shit for money. He practically begs for money for the length of the video with his sad stories and shit. Fuck that guy.
    H8 H8 H8 H8!!!!!!! Let your hatred flow!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    I feel like this guy's clutching at straws a bit... I mean I fucking hate Stevie T, don't get me wrong, but he's trying really hard to make this look far more sinister than it is. Stevie T hasn't explicitly made his videos for children, so just because he has a young following doesn't mean he's designed it that way. He's a childish dickhead, with an immature sense of humour, but I'd argue that his content isn't designed for kids in its conception.

    I find it creepier that this KDH guy has snooped on Stevie T's followers to see what fucking age they are, and even posted a picture of one (with a terrible "disguise" blacking out his eyes) just for shock value.
    I have to agree with you. While it doesn't hurt to bring these things up - some people could be using them destructively, I don't get the feeling SteveT is anything more than a happy idiot.

    KDH's point about SteveT not disclosing an ad is nuts. I know, legally he has to, but for him to claim somebody could be fooled that the app he is schilling isn't a paid advertisement baffles me. If somebody is that naive and gullible, then they deserve to buy the $1 app. Is it possibly the 8 year olds watching?Hhow are they able to purchase what they're seeing, etc. Sounds like a bit more parental intervention is needed in that case.

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    YouTubers are a very interesting bunch. That entire site gave introverted yet talented people a platform to show off what they can do without having to deal with people directly watching as youre doing it. But because these are "real" people without solid temperaments or training on how to deal with fame, notoriety or praise they more often times than not fuck up in some way. Theyre left to their own devices without a team of people helping to manage shit... just Youtube "apology videos" or "my truth" but pls sedate yourself prior. This situation really being no different.

    I met Stevie T briefly at NAMM 2015. Seems like a sweet guy, definitely what you see is what you get. Very introverted nerdy kinda dude. Cant speak beyond that.

    Regardless I give solid YouTubers a ton of props cause that shit is a lot of work and not fun to manage.

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    I have no idea who that is, but this kind of shit is always fascinating. The twitch stuff too. The fact that it's a culture where you can't get popular without putting a target on your back and one day out of the blue someone hits you with a carefully orchestrated takedown video and takes your place, and then the cycle repeats when they are dethroned.

    The inner mechanations are like, EVE Online level shit.

    In all actuality it's not like, unprecedentedly pathetic, there is money in that shit. I don't know how much money there is in the internet guitar crowd vs the internet watching other people play games crowd, but a lot of streamers are millionaires.

    It's easy to reduce it to, "idiots bickering over who has the most influence or popularity", but the fact of the matter remains the main incentive is money. Which isn't something that difficult to understand from a historical context.

    I'm not really into the "Youtube guitarist" label. In this case, the medium is not the message. Total cunts that play guitar aren't new, the world is just more connected through technology now, so many of them are more visible.

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    Gotta say though, I don't buy the whole, "Back in my day it was only about fortune and glory kid, like Indiana Jones said, getting laid and getting paid, it was a purer thing, a more wholesome thing, nowadays they care about all these nonsensical things. Makes no sense."

    Every generation has made that argument. And it's precipitated on the failure to recognize that the motivations haven't changed, it's just the intermediary steps that have.

    1400-1700 A.D. When the heavier, less portable, piano first supplanted the earlier harpsichord designs which early bards could carry on their back.

    Old Bard; "Back in my day it was about getting laid and getting paid, you just threw your harpsichord on your back and climbed up some ivy to a princesses window and serenaded the shit out of her. Had yourself a carnal liason and maybe snuck into the treasury and stole a few sacks of gold and then laid low in the forest while the kings hounds followed the scent of your blood on the air. We didn't have no rooms for pianos. Or invitations about, "come to my room to listen to this piano". It was all about getting your dick wet and not getting hung at the gallows."

    1976 A.D.

    "Back in my day we didn't have digital tuners or distortion. You just plucked a string. Didn't matter if it was in tune. Didn't need no amplification. If you plucked that string real good, before you knew it you would have like 12 bastard children all over the U.S. and a cadillac full of cocaine."

    1982 A.D.

    "Nowadays all these kids care about is getting their picture in a print magazine. A print magazine IN COLOR NO LESS. All glossy and shit. Back in my day, if you saw someone who ruled, you just got your messenger pigeon and wrote a note to your friend in the next town over, or maybe sent a smoke signal, we didn't have no god damn magazines. None of this obsession with glossy pictures. If you even had a picture, it wasn't even in color, good old black and white, the way it was meant to be. And it sure as shit wasn't glossy."

    356 B. C.

    "Back in my day it was about pounding on a hollow log real good, and if the tribe's chieftan liked how you pounded on that hollow log, he'd slam a fresh piece of raw meat down in front of you, freshly harvested from a slain beast. If you pounded that log really, really good, maybe he would let you into the sex cave. Now they have the wheel, and currency! We didn't do it for currency, that doesn't even make sense, pound on log -> get meat, throw party in sex cave. That's all there is to it."

    It really strains credulity to think that in 20 years humans have evolved out of the need for fortune and glory, and no longer thirst for material wealth, and sex, and adoration, and fame, and shrines to their own ego. The motivations are still the same, the stops between A and B are just different. Nowadays social media has made it so to an extent, you have to be your own publicist, and your own agent, and your own manager, and your own PR person. The goal is still the same. It's just the structural process of getting there that has changed. The idea that the generation after you is driven by some incomprehensibly depraved desires, instead of of the good old fashioned wholesome depraved desires of your time, is a fallacy that has existed for fucking ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    I'm not really into the "Youtube guitarist" label. In this case, the medium is not the message. Total cunts that play guitar aren't new, the world is just more connected through technology now, so many of them are more visible.
    The key, though, is that we're not really talking about "total cunts that play guitar." We're dealing with "total cunts that talk about playing guitar" or "total cunts that talk about other total cunts who talk about playing guitar." The actual playing of the guitar is merely the background scenery.

    The latter two, of course, are what total cunts like myself do here. The vital difference is that we're talking to each other. It's a mutant form of conversation. YouTube personality videos are exhibitions rather than conversations.

    YouTube personalities are simply the most-evolved manifestation of online narcissism that began with blogging in the late '90s. It's the notion of "I'm going to broadcast my really deep thoughts and sparkling personality because, gosh darn it, I'm just so fascinating!" At least the narcissism of personal blogs involved people reading and writing. YouTube talkers edge more into Idiocracy territory.

    That's where I draw the line between gamer videos and someone like Rick Beato. Yes, they're all monetizing it, so what? At least Beato is trying to say something interesting. In a way, he's akin to a Guitar Player magazine columnist of 25 years ago, only he reaches a much larger audience and makes a lot more money. His videos are about other things than Rick Beato.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacksonplayer View Post
    The key, though, is that we're not really talking about "total cunts that play guitar." We're dealing with "total cunts that talk about playing guitar" or "total cunts that talk about other total cunts who talk about playing guitar." The actual playing of the guitar is merely the background scenery.
    I actually have no clue who the dude in question is, so I have no idea what the ratio of playing to talking is here. But a good general rule is if someone goes by "Stevie" or "Georgie" instead of "Steve" or "George" there is going to be something deeply wrong with them.

    Most "Steve"s are normal guys. If you know a Stevie, there is a one hundred percent chance he will just call you up out of the blue and be like, "Hey, we should steal a shopping cart".

    But with Stevie it's never just a shopping cart. After the shopping cart he's going to be like, "Hey, you know what we should do, go down to the train tracks." and of course when you get down to the train tracks Stevie is going to be like, "Hey, before we put this shopping cart in front of the train, do you know what we should do? Rob a grave. We need something to put in the shopping cart."

    And before you know what the fuck is happening it's 3 A.M. and you are in the middle of fucking nowhere in a Teepee with one of those weird cults that wants to be abducted by aliens and Stevie is fighting their later in a knives only death match, winner gets to be the cult leader.

    If you know a Stevie, he's probably always announcing like, "Hey, guess what, I played a funny prank on this guy" and then he will say what the "funny prank" was, and you will be like, "Stevie, that's not a funny prank, that is a federal crime". He'll also just randomly announce if you are walking on the street things like, "Hey, I know a shortcut, follow me, it's through the sewers". Like it's the most regular thing ever, everyone has encyclopedic knowledge of sewer shortcuts.

    I knew a Stevie in elementary school. One day he smuggled a feral cat onto the schoolbus in a duffelbag and released it mid bus ride. It scratched like four different kids in the face before the driver realized what was happening. The bus driver flipped shit and was like, "that cat is going off the bus right now". and Stevie tried to negotiate, but the bus driver was like, "You have two choices, either you release this cat on the side of the road, or I shoot it" (this is wyoming, all the bus drivers carry guns). And he started crying about how the cat was his pet, and couldn't they drive it back home, and the bus driver was like, "Nope, you should have thought about that before you brought that cat on my bus". So the cat got released in the wild, and probably eaten by something, and Stevie sulked the rest of the day, and at recess he climbed a tree and refused to come down, and the entire rest of the day was wasted because the entire school (small school, like 30 people total) went out and had an extended hostage style negotiation for him to come down. I forget exactly what his demands were, it was something like, Haiwaiian punch and lunchables or his missing cat. I don't remember what the exact exchange rate was, but they were pretty much being used as blood money. And when one of the teacher brought him Haiwainn punch in a bottle he just flipped shit and was like, "A BOTTLE, I ASKED FOR A POUCH" and was so offended by the failed negotiation he climbed further up the tree.

    The bus driver in question later got reprimanded for handling the situation badly by demanding a 10 year old child kill his pet cat. It was the 1999-2001 era though, so it wasn't a big deal. If that happened today it would be a huge fiasco all over the news. It was a local issue for a while though, there were definitely two camps, some people thought that even though bringing a feral cat on the bus that may or may not have been his pet was not a good thing to do, the bus driver forcing him to release it into the wild to die was a little too harsh.

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