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Thread: Music Youtubers you LIKE

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    The only guitar channel worth a shit, IMO. This guy can play his ass off, he's low key and he digs up some obscure but relevant licks from killer players.

    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    Does Hammerfall count?

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    I honestly usually fire up Ola's YT page when I'm off work. He posts like 4 or 5 times a week, and I have very similar tastes to his. Other than him:

    Elmo K. Great sense of humor, shreds like no tomorrow, all around decent dude:

    Rudy Adobe Photoshop:

    Fluff, good guy from the old Grailtone forum days:

    Adam Neely when I just want to nerd out on music theory:

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    Mattias Eklundh's been doing regular content for while now:

    Tantacrul is great, although he doesn't post stuff that often:

    And of course, Bill McClintock and his awesome mashups:

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    I watch Ola like, 80% of the time, but I dig Arnold, too.

    Doesn't hurt that he's also a Texas guy.

    I also dig K.I.R. but he doesn't do nearly as much as Ola or Arnold.

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    I actively avoid using youtube .

    I discovered LT for his axe fx 3 demos, and aside from occasionally going to a bands' page to stream an album (very occasionally) I don't really use it.

    This will probably change once we get a house and I check to see if I can fix something (not a handyman, not even close).
    Needs Sleep

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    Johan Segeborn is by far and away my favourite, if you like Les Pauls and loud as fuck amps he's a great watch, he also does some bizarre as hell videos like when he turned his building into a guitar but it's mainly lots of cool comparisons of interesting (usually vintage, usually Marshall) gear.

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    Does this kid count?

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