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Thread: Music Youtubers you LIKE

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    I could also (and have) watch Justin Johnson for hours on end.

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    Guitar related favorites of mine are all channels where the person behind the channel is a professional musician first who happens to post on YouTube.
    They are:

    - Ola
    - Rick Beato
    - Tim Pierce

    Non-music related channels I like are:

    - Binging with Babish (Great cooking channel).
    - Joshua Weissman (He can be a bit annoying with his reddit meme persona, but he was a pro chef and his recipes are usually good).
    - MKBHD (He's a little vanilla for some, but I really like his videos generally).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    The only guitar channel worth a shit, IMO. This guy can play his ass off, he's low key and he digs up some obscure but relevant licks from killer players.

    Dude... I love this guy. He has shared so many incredible licks transcribed.

    His one on Chris Poland and Criss Oliva is wicked.

    Uncle Ben Eller is awesome too with his transcribe riffs.

    As far as Youtubers, most of them have been listen. But Kiko Loureiro has made an incredible channel filled with lessons and insight.
    So I'm gonna give him a shout.

    Also, K-mac. He is the only funny Guitar Youtuber I watch.

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    I'll admit, about the only time I watch YouTube guitar stuff is when I'm interested in a specific product demo...and yes, I know that Ola and Thorn and Rabea and those guys could make a POD 2.0 sound amazing...

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    My favorite youtuber is Wintergatan. I have been watching him build the MMX from the beginning and it is completely fascinating. Everyone has prob seen his 1st marble machine vid

    The 1st marble machine

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    I don't know if I'd call him a "Youtuber" exactly, but Troy Grady and the Cracking the Code channel are great. Random example:

    Takes a little while to get going - even if it's entertaining - but it gets pretty deep as it goes on.
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    Ola, Beato, Tim Pierce, Ben Ellen, Andy Wood, Pete Thorn, MusicTechHelpGuy (for Logic Pro tutorials/tips, he’s been invaluable to me), Pensado’s place for music production, pretty much anything that Chris Lorde-Alge has been on (cocky, but his track record is undeniable), Leon Todd for AxeFX stuff....those are the primaries.

    YouTube is my main source of TV watching, next to Netflix, Prime or Hulu. I generally need to recoup for an hour or so after work so I’ll veg on the couch and let it go on auto-play.

    HDFloyd has the biggest collection of Floyd/Gilmour bootlegs/rarities, which gets a lot of attention. If it’s not music-related, I’ll go to town on ancient history/civilization stuff that doesn’t involve aliens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Does this kid count?

    Oh shit now I remember why I know this dude. He and another youtuber did a kickass cover of Eyes of Stranger and sold me on an AX8 at the time

    Also yeah, I love Kmac. Dude's the only meme youtuber that doesn't come off as a prick.

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