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Thread: Music Youtubers you LIKE

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    Quote Originally Posted by schreckmusic View Post
    The best one there is!
    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    This handsome bastard has the best YT channel around.
    Not enough 'OH' faces or oversized text in the thumbnails 0/10, wouldn't like, comment, subscribe or patreon.
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    Funny enough, my list of liked Music youtubers are pretty short. The usual suspects like Rick Beato, Brett Burgs Kingman, URM, yeah. Kmac gets a pass for me because he doesn't waste time with superfluous stuff keeping things short and sweet. Most of the guitar related channels I like most just don't update often.

    One of my favorites:

    More game music related than anything else, but one of the most informative and well thought analysis on the medium.

    As for non music, I've got a bigger list. And most of them revolve around or stem out of everything by Yahtzee Croshaw. On average, I watch about 10 or 15 episodes of Zero Punctuation a day, but I love his Dev Diary series where he creates 1 game a month and commits to finishing each project. That series alone inspired me to do something similar but in music. And his Let's Drown Out series with his mate Gabriel Morton, while defunct was one of the few let's plays I'll openly rewatch. Gabe's branched off to Keepetclassy, while not the same and certainly not for everybody, I watch regularly. I love watching all the Redlettermedia stuff as well, and Jim Sterling, another acquired taste, I keep in tune to his Jimquisiton series.

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    Thatpedalshow is good. They dont do the "tubescreamer vs ts808" style videos that most pedal shows do. They go into the concepts of using different pedals which has opened my eye to using gear in different ways. Shows can be a bit long but ive come to like the banter. I started building pedals a few yrs ago and the vids have helped lots.

    JHS pedals has a good show to. Again great to learn about different pedals. I hear there is some controversy around his company but id dont get into that, jsut like the info i can get from his vids.

    Sonicdrivestudios is good for amp comparisons. I like the 16 guitars through 1 amp vids he's been doing. Great way to showcase an amp.

    Andydemos have the best pedal no frills pedal showcases. Ive watched many of his older vids on guitarprostore? when trying to choose what pedal to build.

    Im subbed to Ola, Beard, Beato and will watch them from time to time.

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    Varg, although he got deplatformed.

    His channel was fucking hilarious. There was one where he was sitting in a car and he was like, "My wife got me this traditional viking lute for christmas" and he pulls out this like, $50 novelty piece of shit log with strings attached and he just strummed it for 12 solid minutes while crooning.

    "ODIN.......IS MY FATHER
    ODIN..........IS THE FATHER OF ALL".

    He wasn't just a one trick pony either. There were also videos of how to defend europe from "degenerate migrants" and "race mixing" with karate kicks. Which makes sense, since karate is widely known as a traditional European thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    No shade on anybody's taste but we're one Stevie T and one Jared Dines mention from this thread going from "good YouTube channels" to, like, "post any YouTube channels"
    I'm pretty sure I've never seen a Jared Dines video, and I'm currently thankful that I've never even HEARD of Stevie T.
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