Ironically, this is only a bonus track on The Black Dahlia Murder's new album (and thus only a little over 1 minute long), but in my opinion, it's the best song on the entire album.

The real problem is that the only recording of it that I can find on YouTube is some really crappy recording from some vinyl. I don't know. Maybe it was only released on the vinyl version in the US and was released on the CD version (which is where I got it from) in other countries such as Japan. But it's SUPER catchy and has such awesome lyrics.

Example of the lyrics:
When evil forces of cosmic doom threaten our galaxy, there is but one soul who can be called. He's not a man, you see, but he's a dog! Sabre the dog, he's fighting to save us all!

I guess I could upload the MP3 from my CD version, which is 100000x better than that YouTube clip, but I imagine that could risk getting my channel shut down.