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    In terms of offensiveness:
    The last 10 years of Vinnie Paul's career > Heinrich Anselmo
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    Groundbreaking album, groundbreaking band. One piece of shit's behaviour ain't gonna change shit

    However... Whilst Dime will always make up the majority of my playing DNA, I haven't proudly worn a Pantera shirt in fucking years and that won't change any time soon. What a ludicrous shame that one person's heinous behaviour can shit on such a great legacy, and poison such a huge well of talent.

    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    In terms of offensiveness:
    The last 10 years of Vinnie Paul's career > Heinrich Anselmo

    I don't think I've listened to more than two Hell Yeah songs. I got the gist within the first 30 seconds and made my mind up from there. What a shame.
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    true confession time...

    I never really got into Pantera. They have a few songs i like but i never went out of my way to listen to them.

    My wife likes them quite a bit so usually when i hear them its because she is listening to them.

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    I get what you guys are saying about Anselmo but that shit he did was done decades after Pantera was no more.

    If I stopped listening to bands because of some stupid attitudes of some of their member I wouldn't even listen to Metallica since I saw the Black album Documentary back in the day when he was talking about Hunting Bears in Siberia and the meat couldn't even be eaten since it was Poisoned by all the Hibernation... so why hunt them? What's the point? What's the point in hunting if you aren't eating it?

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    Pantera played a pivotal role in my life when I was first introduced to them via the 3rd Home Video. I was aware of them and I know I heard “Cemetery Gates” on the radio before, but that was it. When I saw that home video, everything changed. It was like someone showing me that people actually lived how I wanted to live; I was just starting to drink and was already smoking a bunch of pot, I was just getting into heavier music and it was like a culmination of awesome metal and partying. Probably the same way a lot of people received VH back in the late 70’s-80’s.

    I was enamored with Dime’s fun-loving and over the top personality, mixed with being a flawless live performer. To this day I have not seen or heard one instance of Dime (or Vinnie) making a mistake live. I’ve heard variations of things, but never something I’d deem a mistake.

    Thus, started my drinking days in full swing, which lasted another 17 years. Funnily enough, by the time my drinking days ceased, I was burnt out on Pantera’s catalog. I won’t change the song if one of theirs pops on, unless it’s “Walk” or “This Love”, but for the most part, I only listen to them when I’m having a party at the house and I’m doing karaoke.

    It’s unfortunate that Anselmo and the confederate flag are all they’re reduced to these days, but fair enough. No one will ever convince me that Dimebag was racist. I have a hard time believing that someone that displayed as much positivity and love for life could simultaneously hold hate in his heart. I have the feeling if he were around today, he’d have no problem saying “Shit, if this flag is going to upset people, that ain’t what I’m going for, fuck this.”, but that’s something we’ll never know.

    I’ve got Far Beyond Driven tatted down my right forearm, I don’t care how much shit Pantera gets, I’m not removing it. If anything, it reminds me of when I was young and had so much drive that nothing was stopping me. Every now and then it brings a smile to my face to remember those days and how starkly they contrasts with today, where it seems most days beat me into submission.
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