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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    I dig all three I'm surprised they're getting so much resistance. The 'Avatar Country' stuff seemed like a much greater departure from 'their sound' and got a pretty warm welcome. I thought one of the big appeals of Avatar was how much their sound evolves.
    I don't mean to resist . Clearly they're enjoying some amount of success doing what their doing. And, I sense the evolution, it just hasn't evolved into something I'd sit down to listen to, or buy a ticket to go see, yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naren View Post
    I bought an Avatar album quite a while back, and I have such mixed feelings about them as a band. When they do the melodic death metal thing, they tend to do it pretty well. But when they're doing this almost circus music metal, it just feels... mediocre or stupid. I do love a lot of avant-garde metal and progressive metal is arguably my favorite genre, but the musical / carny stuff just... I don't see the appeal. Granted, of the music videos I've seen and the album I bought, there are good parts and good songs, but... eh...
    I am the opposite. I like the creativity in the circus metal thing they do a lot better than the boring generic death metal stuff.

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    I had not heard of these guys before.

    Neat concept and probably fun to see live but not something I would go out of my way to listen to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svend View Post
    I am the opposite. I like the creativity in the circus metal thing they do a lot better than the boring generic death metal stuff.
    How do you like the new stuff?

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    I’m just a sucker for catchy shit. If it’s not catchy, then it’s gotta get my head moving.

    I love the fact that they progress and change with each album, I’m just not a fan of the direction they’ve been going. I’ll still buy the album and go see them live. To be fair, I only gave each song one listen the day the videos went up and most of my favorite music I did not dig on the first listen.

    If every album had one song as badass as this one, I’d be a happy camper.

    When I first got into them, I hadn’t realized they’d been around a while and touring their asses off. They’ve certainly worked for their success and deserve every bit of it. They don’t take themselves too seriously at all, which I love. So though the last album wasn’t a favorite of mine and the new stuff isn’t getting me going (yet), I’m still a big fan of the band and will continue to support them.
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    I thought these tracks sounded more like the old stuff than Avatar Country. AC was starting to get into a weird indie hard rock thing, this these three tracks sound more like a metal band again and I thought the hooks were memorable

    To each their own, though.
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