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    my story/discussions

    I'm running into some trouble trying to gt better at guitar.It is a long story but i feel like i need to start at the beginning. ...I have been playing guitar for 30 years. but I have been playing in drop D for those 30 years because playing chords is so difficult for me but let me expand on that...I was hit by a car at the age of 3 and i was in a coma for45 days which gave me a scare on the frontal lobe of my brain which caused brain brain, as well as limited learning disabilities but what really limited my eye hand coordination. I overcame a lot of it of course it was difficult growing up so there is a some learning disabilities so things come a bit slower to me but the real hard time is eye hand coordination but anyway lets fast forward here....

    I can play power chords but not sure if i can play anything beyond power chords and bar chords... I could but it would take me longer but anyway that is why i always stuck to drop tuning so now I'm trying to advance my learning and playing. I have always known the basis of penatonic minor scales...I was writing so decent/cool riffs but then i dove deeper into the penatonic minor scales which caused me more confusion and major writers block, now let me be clear...i'm normal, you cannot tell i was hit by a car things just come a little slower for me....i don't want to play other peoples music i want to with my own tunes......
    I'm not a beginner but i'm not advanced either. I have tried to watch youtube videos but i cannot find something thats in between for me, i just cant find something that would fit where iam as a player....i cant afford lessons or anything so with all that said i thought i would post here and ask you guy if you had any suggestions on what i can do, or where i could go to learn what i'm looking for and ask if you guys could tell me what i need to learn in order to learn what i'm looking for...all i want is to be able to jam out and play some cool rock/metal riffs so what suggestions do you have for me? can you provide me some guitarr playing guidance please?

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    Welcome to the forum. I can't say that I had the same situation as you but I have had difficulties sense a stroke about 3 years ago and many of the things you talk about are things I can relate to. So I will take some time and give you my thoughts.

    I understand wanting to do your own music but sometimes learning other music gives you a good background to learning the basics of composition and how things are done it's not a matter of that being all that you were O going to ever do... They are more like stepping stones. I also have done the majority of my playing for my own music but definitely pulled a lot of compositional basics from the many cover songs I learned years ago and it made it a whole lot easier. I'm not talking out about sitting around for weeks at a time with the tablature book just jamming along with things getting the general feel.

    Let me know if you are in the United States and may be down the road you can call to ask me questions and I will be happy to assist you with anything I know. I have taught a few people and one thing that has taught me is that people tend to over complicate things and when someone explains it to you in a simplistic manner it goes a long way I think you might be surprised to find out what you already know and don't know it, most people are.
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    Like it or not, an actual guitar instructor is probably going to be your best bet because they can see what you’re doing and provide instant feedback and alternatives to accomplish what you want. The people on this board are pretty helpful but they’ll only be good for answering REALLY specific questions.

    Finding an instructor that’s a good match can be daunting but it’s the absolute best way. Although I prefer physical one on one lessons, that might not be possible due to COVID. Luckily, there’s almost an endless amount of options for Skype/Zoom lessons so even if you’re in a small town somewhere, you can still get access to an instructor.

    Good luck!

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    1) There's nothing wrong with Drop D. I write/record in Drop C#, and my band plays in Drop B, and I've also been playing for 25+ years . To go a step further, you could tune to Open C or something like that, to make it even easier. This is what Devin Townsend does, and he can pretty much do no wrong!

    2) Get a teacher. Yeah, some dudes charge a lot to tell you a bunch of things you either already knew, or don't need to know . Just look around, and ask folks for a one time free lesson to see if they are a good fit, and then just work with them. I mean, do you really need a full hour once a week? Maybe you just need like 30 minutes once every two weeks? Maybe you just want to schedule a time as needed, maybe just a 10 minute Skype call, to get around a block you're having. Thing is, there's a LOT of nice folks out there right now who are DYING to get students (because they're not working due to the virus), and I'm sure you can find one who can work with your budget . And, for what it's worth, I'm actually taking some lessons right now, too. We mostly talk music philosophy... I understand most of the mechanics, but how things interact and fit together really interests me, so that's where we tend to go. And, I had to go through 3 other teachers before I found him!

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    You could try an open C tuning to simplify scales a bit. Around the 8.28 mark in the video below Devin Townsend explains playing scales on open C.

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