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Thread: Poster Children For Your Favorite Tones

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonBot View Post
    Whatever they did to get the tone on this album...
    If it's anything like his usual rig at the time, it would've been a JMP 2203 with a Furman parametric EQ in front as a boost.
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    Quote Originally Posted by DonBot View Post
    Whatever they did to get the tone on this album...

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    If I had to pick only three: Carcass's tone on Heartwork, Scar Symmetry's tone on Pitch Black Progress, and Soilwork's tone on Stabbing the Drama.

    A few honorable mentions: Opeth's tone on Your Arms My Hearse, Bloodbath's tone on Nightmares Made Flesh, The Absence's tone on Riders of the Plague, The Haunted's tone on Revolver (though I also really love their tones on recent albums like Exit Wounds and Strength in Numbers), Bleed from Within's tone on Era, Periphery's tone on Periphery II, Job for a Cowboy's tone on Suneater, Monuments's tone on The Amanuensis, Obscura's tone on Omnivium, and Unearth's tone on Darkness in the Light.

    Quote Originally Posted by Not Mr. Test View Post
    And if you like that, you'll certainly enjoy Naren's old band.

    Aw, you'll make me blush. My new band (well, it's just me writing songs by myself since corona destroyed my plans of getting members together back in February) is a lot more melodic, groovy, and intentionally less progressive (though since I'm writing it, I'll sometimes just go from a heavy riff to acoustic guitar, but I'm trying to minimize that kind of stuff. I just wrote a part in 7/8 + 5/8 + 9/8 + 7/8 for my newest song, but I'm planning on changing it to 4/4 sometime soon since it does kind of come out of nowhere and ruin my more "accessible" sound I'm going for - well, accessible for extreme metal, I guess).

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