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Thread: Petrucci at NAMM 1996

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not Mr. Test View Post
    I don't think he can ship them here with CITES and he doesn't mean it anyway. He'll come around.
    They actually removed rosewood from CITES last year:

    It partially sucks because rosewood instruments were exempted 4 months after I moved back to Japan, and one of the reasons I sold all of my gear before moving back here was because I didn't want to mess with CITES. Eh, oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Not Mr. Test View Post
    Cassidy has two of them, they are glorious.

    I've been quietly keeping an eye out for one for ages, but I don't want to pay 5k for a "collector" Ibanez case queen. I'd love to score a player condition one for a reasonable price.
    Really makes me kick myself in the ass for not getting one in the 90’s. From ‘96-‘99 it seemed no one gave a shit about them. A buddy of mine found a player condition P3 for like $300. Once Petrucci went to EBMM, obviously that changed everything in regards to JPM’s. I’ve still yet to play an Ibanez JPM and hopefully get the chance to track down either a P2 or a P3. I’m so curious about those Viper necks.

    Hahaha, I was just reminded of Kevan Geier flipping out when Petrucci went to EBMM because there was some word at the time that the reason we didn’t get a 10th Anniversary Universe was because the LACS was busy working on something for Petrucci, who bailed on Ibanez anyway. I crashed at Kevan’s house before the Live Scenes From NY show and tried getting him to come along, “I’m not fuckin’ going to see that traitor, I’m going to be pissed about not getting a UV10th for a long time.”
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    I miss Kev, that's such a him thing to do.

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    Sort of OT, but you can import a rosewood guitar now. They removed the restriction. In fact, I just got a Music Man Axis with rosewood top and neck from Australia, and had no issues. Not even any extra paperwork.

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