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Thread: PSA: Dee Snider's recent stuff is badass

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    Dee is 65 years old man, it's great to see a legend like him putting out stuff that's still relevant.

    I grew up blasting that voice on everything from my BMX bike to my first car.

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    Jamey Jasta was the one who got the ball rolling on this, got the writers together and urged Dee on to doing it. Listening to Jasta’s podcast over the last couple years, any time Dee is on it’s a total love fest between the two and it’s fun to hear. Jasta brings it up every time he talks about Dee, but he was blown away by Dee walking in and busting out single takes from start to finish effortlessly.

    He said recently he’s got another project like this cooking up, meaning, another singer teaming up with some newer guys to put out a more modern sounding album. Anxious to see who/what it is.

    His podcast is one of my favorites and I can’t even tell you the name of a single Hatebreed song outside of “Destroy Everything”. He’s a great interviewer and they’re often hilarious. Last year there was like a 2 month period where Yngwie was brought up in every episode, to the point Jasta said “Ok, we gotta stop with the Yngwie, we’ve spent way too much time talking about Yngwie lately.”
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    That's kinda every-metal-song, and I probably won't buy the album, but I'll 100% keep it on my radar in case he tours this next year!
    Sometimes being predictable is good. Nothing wrong with, basically, modern Testament with Dee singing. Plus, many gratuitous Charvel/Jackson product shots.

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    Charvel gang gang

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    This is not my favorite Dee Snider stuff. It seems generic, bland, and well below his capabilities as a vocalist.

    Snider seems like a decent guy and the one time I met him on his book tour, he was friendly and gracious. So I don't want to sound like I'm bashing him. But I wouldn't buy this album or give it more than a cursory listen.

    He's a talented singer and should find a group of guys and a style that lets him shine.
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    Eh, this s nothing groundbreaking, but he's done his time and shouldn't feel like he HAS to break more ground, at what, 65? What this is, is solid, well produced, well played, and well-sung metal. Dude has aged really well, and this is just solid, fun music. \m/
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    I guess I was expecting the Frontiers power-metal-by-numbers when you guys were talking about, but I dug it a lot. Dee Snider atop of some thrashy stuff is a winner for me.
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