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Thread: Sad times for Dokken

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markus View Post
    I bet if they did In My Dreams it would sound exactly like Mesh's version now.
    killed it.

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    Whoa that is no bueno. That is straight up for a pay-check, sad shit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jim777 View Post
    Don when he decided some tipsy blonde girl was leaning over the rope just that bit too far so he cold cocked her right in the face.
    Maybe he thought it was Jeff Pilson?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    Maybe he thought it was Jeff Pilson?
    Nah, Jeff is cool I saw Dokken open for Priest in like '88 or so from the front row of the old Brendan Byrne arena in NJ, and he was playing a Charvel P/J bass, and he walked up to one of the big speaker bins stage right, right up front, and started making like he was banging the bass off the cabinet. He was really just using his thumb to hit the open E, but from the crowd it looked like he was really cranking that bass into the cab. So he's looking around and he caught my eye in the front and I was laughing and shaking my head because it was obvious from the front row, and he laughed and winked at me like it was one of those 'every night for the show' type things. I never got that asshole vibe from anyone in Dokken besides Don.
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    It's pretty amazing that this is the same guy who got his big break subbing for Klaus Meine in album rehearsals for Blackout.

    I've been reading about his fucked-up voice for a long time. I was never a huge Dokken fan, and his voice always seemed pretty thin.

    It often comes down to someone recording songs that required the top end of their voice a lot. Everyone loses range as they get older, and it's worse for guys who smoke or practice poor voice techniques to begin with.

    Dio lost suppleness in his voice and some of the ability to sustain a pitch (notice how often he cut off notes early in the 2000s Sabbath reunion), but he naturally had a higher singing voice and rarely stretched it in his recordings. As a result, he was able to sing most of his catalog right up to the last tour.

    Not many guys are like Bruce Dickinson, whose voice just seems to age only slightly regardless of how many shows/tours he's done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    Oh, the guy is absolutely a world famous prick, I just meant his singing voice. The hate he gets for his personality is 100% deserved, that's fucking outrageous!
    I was introduced to both Don and George through the "We're Stars" making of video my uncle had kicking around. That was right when I first started singing, I was like 14, and could not figure out vibrato to save my life. Then I saw Don shaking his head as he was singing, in time with the vibrato, so I assumed I just had to shake my head up and down to get it working. The flip side of that is that I was really unimpressed with his vocals in the context of every other guy on that recording. I realize now, it's unfair to judge him in the context of Geoff Tate, Ronnie James Dio and Rob Halford, but that was where my initial inkling of "I don't really dig Don Dokken's voice" came from.

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    Damn. That was awful.
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    In my Dreams...... Don put some of that money away back in the day so he didnt have to do gigs with a dicky-do gut, bad hair and no voice when he got old.

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