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Thread: Fear Factory new album

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    Fear Factory new album


    So Dino has won the FF name and is working on a new album, the advance from NB has already been used up and he needs to pay the people that have already worked on the album in order for it to be released. If you can spare a bit of cash and want to help out, send some to their Gofundme, goal has almost been reached.
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    Good to see you Rick!
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    sure, but whos on the lineup. if its just dino playing staccto riffs, is it really fear factory?

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    According to Burton, it was completed a few years back with just him, Dino and programmed drums. The statements he made suggest he's no longer involved.

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    Jesus what a car-crash of a once-great band. Once that level of turmoil has entered the relationship why even bother continuing under the same name. Chimaira did the same thing where they had two albums filled with a revolving door of musicians in and out, singer was the only original member, and it showed.

    I was only just listening to Obsolete yesterday actually. What a shame they can't make amends and create something like that again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    Jesus what a car-crash of a once-great band.
    This. Imagine being a total fucking GAME CHANGER in metal music and -production (nothing stayed the same after Demanufacture) with an absolute forgiving fanbase (because Jesus Tiddyfoggen Christ, what have I already endured - live and on record - in the past), and still not being able to EITHER lay it to rest with some last sense of dignity OR get your fucking things in order.

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    To be fair, if my ex bassist starts calling me a paedo on Instagram, I don't think I'd have him back either

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