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Thread: It's easy to forget what a sick guitarist Robb Flynn is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    In the related vids. Not surprisingly, Satchel is note-for-note, even the bends and vibrato

    Lifeless vocals with no attitude don't help the song at all, but this quote is spot fuckin' on:

    Satchel channeled that stanky rhythm and solo like a goddamn demon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WombCannon View Post
    Once again, fuck this guy.

    I believe I remember him saying, years ago, that "the 5150 was great until that faggot Eddie Van Halen started fucking around with it".
    What? The same Robb Flynn who is constantly lambasted by right-wing metalheads for being an "SJW"?

    This Robb Flynn?

    Also the quote doesn't even make any sense. "The 5150 was great until..." What do you mean "until"? It's his signature? There WAS no 5150 "until" Eddie "fucked around" with it? I don't get what that's supposed to mean.

    Not denying he said it, I'm not a fan, got no dog in this race, it just doesn't add up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greg McCoy View Post
    The Blackening or whatever actually has some pretty good parts. A radio station I was working at had a promo copy of that and I took it home to see if my hate was justified.

    Unfortunately, the "pretty good parts" are overshadowed by everything else. All the "let freedom ring with a shotgun blast" shit.

    I don't think anyone who knows their shit would outright deny he can do some cool shit on guitar, he was a legit thrash dude before he sort of decided to do something more commercial. Forbidden and Vio-lence and all that stuff.

    Honestly though, it seems like he just looked at Max Cavaleras transition from "fucking thrash legend" to "baggy pants and skate shoes nu metal" and was like, "I should do that, only more annoying".

    I can't hear that dudes vocals without hearing an even worse version of the style MC started transitioning to on Roots (Chaos A.D. for that matter, though Roots is more apparent).
    The stark difference between the two of course is that Max is an absolute fucking hack who doesn't even play guitar any more, has cringe-inducing lyrics and sounds like a tramp coming around from a vodka coma... and Robb Flynn... is... I forgot my point.

    Oh yeah, Robb can play quite well. That was it.
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    Although I'm not a big fan of Robb Flynn's vocals (though I wouldn't say I hate them), he is a great rhythm and lead guitarist, for sure. So many awesome riffs and leads, though he usually does have the other guitarist play lead (but hey, there are songs where he's playing relatively technical lead stuff while singing). Plus, Machine Head has put out some pretty awesome records (yes, and some pretty shitty ones too), The Blackening being my personal favorite of everything they've put out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    What? The same Robb Flynn who is constantly lambasted by right-wing metalheads for being an "SJW"?
    SJW Robb Flynn is fairly recent. He actually wised up and sort of realized that two of his bands biggest songs had aged really poorly and did a course correction.

    "Davidian" is about the Waco Siege, which was sort of a "that was one of the first dominos to fall" kind of thing in creating the modern political climate, in that along with Ruby Ridge, that was the event that gave birth to the modern "insane backwoods militia" movement, which led to the Oklahoma City Bombing, etc. etc. etc.

    "Aesthetics of Hate" is obviously even more overt since everyone knows the story behind that one. That was about Robb Flynn reading an article attacking Pantera for using "aesthetics of hate" like the Confederate Flag, and being really "triggered" (as the anti SJW crowd loves to say) over it, because Robb Flynn wanted to let everyone know that that is a relatively minor infraction, and attacking someone for using the Confederate Flag, especially someone who is now dead is "THE REAL HATE". Which, obviously this is 2020, times change fast and more information about Pantera has sort of come to light since, that's obviously aged really poorly.

    In all honesty, the "calling EVH a fag" thing isn't a big deal. That was acceptable until really recently. You could say that shit to your best friend and it was like, a passing, laugh it off comment. Like, "quit being a fag and fucking with that". I don't agree that it doesn't make sense, because he could have been saying that the original block letters were better than later revisions and EVH was being a "fag" for revising the design. That's just the type of story the "lol, snowflakes" types bring up because they went digging up mud to prove the other people were hypocrites, even though the whole point is everyone realizes they shouldn't be saying it now, but they didn't then, that's how societal advancement works.

    If you look at like, any pre-2000 interview, there is a whole lot of shit that hasn't aged well. There are interviews where Dave Mustaine is throwing around the word "homo" as an insult like it was going out of style, which as we all know now, it was. That was 80s Dave Mustaine too, Left Wing Dave Mustaine, not right wing idiot modern Dave Mustaine. That's the whole point of why those words are harmful. Because those groups are so marginalized and derided, that no one even realizes it is cruel to do stuff like using a term referring to them as a casual insult. The whole "bunch of slack jawed faggots" line in Predator was considered some of the best ultra macho action movie dialogue (in a move that is full of nothing but legendary one liners at that) until really recently. No one thought it was hate speech. The idea that those groups somehow didn't deserve as much respect, and you could use terms referring to them as commonplace insults, was so entrenched in society no one even questioned it.

    That's sort of the self serving revisionist history of the negative ultra self righteous "SJW" movement. They go back and say, "it was BS that the Right Wing was able to say that shit with impunity for so long without even realizing how shitty it was". The actual reason it's an issue is because fucking everyone was able to say it with impunity forever because that idea is so entrenched in society no one even questions it. The Right Wing are always going to be saying shitty hateful stuff. That's not something you can stop. The issue is that the general population was saying shitty hateful stuff and didn't even realize how shitty and hateful it was because the idea you could just use it as a casual insult was hugely entrenched in everyday life.

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    Gotta say though, good for Robb Flynn for course correcting, I might not like an awful lot of the stuff he does artistically, but he was decent enough to wise up and realize that, intentionally or not, the messaging in a lot of his songs attracted a fan base that was obviously composed of really shitty people. Good for him for being willing to put his bands commercial appeal on the line and be like, "I'm pulling those songs, and publicly saying this and all that stuff, the way people are interpreting them makes me sick".

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    Yep, I never forgot he's a good guitarist, in fact that's all I've been paying attention to.

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    Robb Flynn stopped being relevant after Vio-lence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodles View Post
    Robb Flynn stopped being relevant after Vio-lence.

    Ill go a step further and say that even Vio-lence was never that great

    Fight me....

    While I respect Phil Demmel, I always thought Vio-lence was a 3rd rate thrash band. I never got why people raved about them when there was just so much better stuff in the genra to choose from. When they announced the tour (that was later canceled) a bunch of my friends got all hyped up about it and I was just like...."why"?

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