Song you love with guitar tone you hate.
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Thread: Song you love with guitar tone you hate.

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    Song you love with guitar tone you hate.

    I was (and still am) a huge Pestilence fan back in the day. Got Malleus the first week it was out, and by the time Spheres hit they were one of my all-time favorite metal bands. I still remember the night this song hit Headbangers Ball and instantly thought "WTF, the guitars sound awful!" but still loved the song, Martin's Vox and Patrick's riffs. A week later I discovered Bolt Thrower and that was the end of Pestilence being my fave band.

    The tone is like nothing but pick sub-harmonics squeezed through a way-too-tight hi/low pass filter. Not sure if it's the producer who screwed it up or the guitar players bought all new gear and didn't know how to dial it in before recording or what... but man the guitar tone is awful.

    What song do you love that has a guitar tone you hate?
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    Not so much the guitar tone but the overall production - every song on Psalm 69. Fantastic album with such an unfortunate flat, lifeless mix that has no balls whatsoever.

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    Blizzard of Ozz.

    Anacrusis' entire catalog as well. Great albums, not so great production. Hate is perhaps a bit strong term for how I feel about the tone, but it could definitely be a lot better.

    Even the re-recorded versions from 2009 sound like a low budget early-90's production.
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    Can I go with entire albums?

    Because Ozzy's Ultimate Sin and Black Label's 1919 Eternal.

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    ...And Justice For All

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdamCook View Post
    ...And Justice For All

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    Cowboys From Hell
    Everything Randy Rhoads
    The entire "When the Storm Comes Down" album

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    it took Testament a while to figure out their production, and this album is the worst one. a great song totally undermined by the tone (among other things).

    as a demonstration, the 2012 re-recording:

    C'mon son.


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