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    Hormesis - Intro
    Hormesis | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

    We're still busy recording the album, and our EP should be coming out really soon.


    Ah, why not . . .
    YouTube - uemetal's Channel

    We started out as "Bay Area Thrash meets Swedish Death Metal" back in 2000, and started gravitating somewhat more toward the death metal (and to a lesser extent, black metal) side of things over the years. Lots of Low-era Testament and Dissection influences, with some Hypocrisy alien invasion content on the newer material.
    Looks great, and i really like the song in the YT link. Will be following you guys.
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    just got some pages started for my new band "Dirtch"...please go follow and like!

    Dirtch Band (dirtchband) on Twitter

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    My band is now on Twitter.... trying to get a buzz going:

    Blood Runs Deep

    RHLC East Coast President

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    Reckoning Faith

    Reckoning Faith | Facebook
    Reckoning Faith | Moncton, NB, CA | Metal / Death / Progressive | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos | ReverbNation
    Reckoning Faith | Free Music, Tour Dates, Photos, Videos

    We will re record them when I get superior drummer and better and by then I'll be way better (hopefully) at recording haha. So don't mind the quality please. My solos were all improvised but I will write better ones for the next demos.

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    Never posted my new band in here

    Seek Solace In Ruin | Facebook

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    My band: Shadow Of Creation. Savannah, Ga.

    [VIDEO]]Shadow of Creation - Children of The Nightside Vale (Live) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Facebook: Shadow of Creation | Facebook

    Youtube:Shadowofcreation's Channel - YouTube

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    I recently auditioned for a band made up of a drummer and bassist who responded to my craigslist ad. In my ad I specifically said no deathcore because I knew if I got any responses, it would be probably be for deathcore. In our emails, I was told they're looking to play melodic death metal which is what I like. I was excited about getting my amp out of the house and playing with a real drummer. I get there and all 3 of us are crammed in this tiny room with an electronic drum set that sounded terrible. EZ Drummer sounds better I could have saved time by playing at home to a midi track. Turns out they're really looking to start a deathcore band. I've been into metal for a long time and I had never heard of any these newer deathcore/metalcore bands they're into. The drummer could only do double bass and couldn't make a beat with anything I played. The bass player was worse, he had trouble even playing the basic 2 note riff he wrote earlier. So after 2 or 3 hours, we got nowhere.

    Anyway, not the most interesting story, but I just felt like telling it.

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