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    Join Date: Jun 2012
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO
    ME: Jackson SL2Q MAH
    MA: Yamaha FG700S
    Rig: EVH 5150 III 50W

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    Colorado Springs, CO
    Don't have anything recorded right now but we should be working on that soon.
    Playing our first gig on 4/20.

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    Join Date: Jul 2010
    Location: Zombieland
    ME: Ibanez S 540 Ltd
    Rig: Bugera 333XL Infinium

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    Just realized I have'nt plugged my band(s) here yet I thought.. why not?


    From Bangalore, India ( yeah ...really )

    Doom-death metal, proudly underground & 100% trend-free since 1991

    Sort of like 80's Candlemass/70's Sabbath-meets-Slayer & early 90's death metal (Autopsy/Morbid Angel..)

    Couple of tracks from our last ep...

    Motorhead cover/tribute...

    And an experimental two-man goregrind side-project (ie. my ^^ main band's singer & me.)



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    Join Date: Jul 2017
    Location: San Diego
    ME: LEF Customs EXP
    MB: LTD B-5E
    Rig: VH-140C/Mesa Mark III

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    New music video for my main band:

    Gravespell - Frostcrown (Melodic Black/Death Metal)
    Personal SoundCloud

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    Join Date: Sep 2010
    Location: St. Johnsbury, VT
    ME: Oni 8
    MA: Ibanez AJ 207
    Rig: Dual Recto

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    Bostjan Zupancic: MicroMetal

    From the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, USA.
    Thrashy multigenre hard rock/metal/experimental played on instruments with 19 notes per octave
    Bandcamp Discography

    Naegleria Fowleri

    Also from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
    Death/Grind Microtonal Parrotcore
    Bandcamp Release
    Google Site

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    Join Date: Jan 2013
    Location: Siilinjärvi, Finland

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    A single from my upcoming full length. You can also find my music on Spotify etc.

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    Join Date: Jun 2012
    Location: mumbai,india
    ME: Ibanez RGA42FM
    MA: My acoustic guitar died

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    I write Progressive metal music under the name Money Sausage.

    Here's one of my songs.
    Guitar Playthrough of my track Addicted whales

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    Join Date: Apr 2012
    Location: CT
    ME: Jackson HT7
    MB: Peavy Grind
    Rig: Axe FX II, Randal 2x12

    iTrader: 0


    Full album later this year

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    Join Date: Oct 2008
    Location: London, England
    ME: ESP MI Custom
    MB: Fender Jazz custom
    Rig: Kemper

    iTrader: 4 (100%)

    Just realised I've never put this on here. German/British/Russian band I play for called Samsas Traum, the roots are in the German Electro scene but I came onboard when things took a distinctly Scandivian Metal direction.

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