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Thread: The Rules Of Metal

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    Quote Originally Posted by noodles View Post
    No, but we can change it to a group that isn't boring, like Testament.
    I second your motion.

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    Done. Now, we shall listen to "Trial By Fire".

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Testament-Trial by fire[/VIDEO]

    So live for today,
    Tomorrow never comes.
    Die young, die young,
    Can't you see the writing in the air?
    Die young, gonna die young,
    Someone stopped the fair.

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    This thread is the reason I love this site

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Venom - Don't Burn the Witch‬‏[/VIDEO]
    "That RD is one ugly fucking guitar, and I made the CrabClaw!" - Elysian

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    I proclaim jamming and TITS true and flex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dolingerjacob View Post
    lol, just watched that movie the other night. can we change BOdom to Divine Heresy?

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    Don't stop until you die.

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    Wirelessly posted

    Quote Originally Posted by Joey.Spirito
    There are no rules! These are YOUR guidelines to what YOU think is suitable. I'll wear what I want, play how I want, and act how I want. Enough said.
    You tell him, champ.

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