Incredible story about Dio
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Thread: Incredible story about Dio

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    Incredible story about Dio

    I just heard the most incredible story about Dio and his wife and had to share it.

    My room mate has a friend who we'll call Gabrielle (she'd rather me not use her name). Her uncle has had cancer for a while and was in Houston's MD Anderson cancer ward. While he was there he happened to become friends with another cancer patient, Ronnie James Dio. Dio and his wife Wendy got to be good friends with the uncle, and he was very sad with Dio passed.
    Last week Gabrielle's uncle passed away. The family doesn't have a ton of money, so they planned on a cremation with a simple ceremony. Because he was such good friends with Ronnie and Wendy, Wendy felt she should do something nice for him. So Wendy decided to PAY FOR THE ENTIRE FUNERAL PROCESS. That's right. She paid for a service, a nice casket, a headstone, the burial plot, EVERYTHING.
    I think this just really illustrates what kind of people the Dio and his wife was/are. I know there is a lot of love here for Dio, and Wendy by default, and I thought I should share it with you.

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    Pretty cool man.

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    That's fucking awesome.

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    very cool

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    Very cool

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    That is awesome.
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    That is really awesome
    I'm so metal I shit bats

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