Mesa Boogie is made of pure win.

Mesa Boogie is made of pure win.

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  1. Andy
  2. Leon
  3. Vince
    Mesa equipment owned currently:

    Mesa 4x12

    Mesa gear owned or spent massive time on in the past:

    Dual Rectifier
    Mark III
    DC 5

    I love Mesas, especially the Marks, which is why the Triaxis/2:90 is just about the ideal amp for me right now.
  4. darren
  5. ‹berschall
    Mesa equipment owned currently:

    RoadKing Mk.1
    Mesa 4x12 w/ v30s
    Mesa 4x12 w/ C90s
    SUS 4 Space Rack

    Mesa gear owned in the past:

    3 Ch. Triple Rectifier
    SUS 8 Space Rack
  6. Silverwulf
    Currently own:

    Mesa Dual Rectifier (Revision C)
    Mesa Triple Rectifier (Blackface, Revision F)
    Mesa Stiletto Deuce Series II
    Mesa Mark V (Ordered)
    Mesa 4X12 (Traditional, Straight) w/V30's

    Previously owned:

    25+ Mesa Rectifiers (2/3 Channel, Rackmounts, etc)
    3 Mesa Mark IV's
    2 Mesa Mark IIC+ Heads
    6 Mesa Triaxis Preamps
    3 Mesa 2:90 Power Amps
    2 Mesa 50/50 Power Amps
    1 Mesa Strategy 400 Power Amp
    2 Mesa Stiletto ACE Head Units
    1 Mesa Stiletto Deuce Series I (later Hollywood Modded)
    1 Mesa V-Twin
    1 Mesa 4X12 (Oversized, Slant) w/V30's
    2 Mesa Studio Preamps
    1 Mesa Quad Preamp
    2 Mesa 2X12 w/V30's
    2 Mesa Mark III's (Blue and Red Stripe)

    Hope I didn't miss anything. That Recto count is give or take a little. 25+ is my best estimate, though. That includes all 2 Channel Revisions (except "E" which I don't care to try), 3 channel, rackmounts, etc.
  7. Leon
    holy shit

    i own a Nomad 45 2x12.
    i'm saving for a Mark V head.
  8. Regor
    Mesa TriAxis v2.0 w/Phat Mod
    Mesa Simul-Class 2:90 (EH Tubes currently)
    Mesa Traditional 4x12 Slant w/Celestion Black Shadow Custom 90s
  9. Professor Squidbeard
    Professor Squidbeard
    Current: strategy 400 power amp, express 5:25 in custom grill and color from namm.

    50/50 power amp
    2:90 power amp
    mark III
  10. noodles
    Current: Roadster head, 4x12 oversized cab (empty), 4x12 cab (C90s)

    Previous: Road King head, Tremoverb head, 2x12 Recto cab (V30s), 2x12 Recto cab (C90s)
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