Who wants to take bets on an increase in desktop Linux adoption?

Who wants to take bets on an increase in desktop Linux adoption?

  1. zepp
    So, with Windows 8 and Steam for Linux on the horizon, who thinks that a lot of gamers will start migrating to Linux? Do you think that people will even care besides current Linux dorks?
  2. Max
    Well, theres more than just that.
    Steam is on the way.
    Reaper is on the way, and I've not built yet, but has an available beta/alpha/whateveritis.
    spotify is on the way. Available beta works amazingly well for me.
    The 2 major weakspots (besides the general linux neckbeardy roughness) are office software (libre is better than open ever was, but still extremely lackluster), and visual multimedia. inkscape is cool, but still weak compared to even a quarter of the power of illustrator. Gimp is just catastrophically poor in the UI department.
  3. zepp
    Spotify is coming to Linux? OMG AMAZING.

    LibreOffice is better than OpenOffice for sure, and its UI is better than MS Office IMO. I think it's more of a "This is an MS Office world" rather than LibreOffice sucks.

    It would certainly be nice if Adobe would support Linux. That would be very beneficial to designers, but honestly, most designers love their Macs.

    Have you tried GIMP2.8 yet? The single window mode actually makes GIMP not suck so bad. It should be default.

    I'm still pretty happy with how things are looking for Linux. We have a lot of solid software available to us, some from the bigger names, and awareness and general influence of the FOSS community of developers is bigger than it was before. With the addition of Steam, Spotify, and Reaper things will be absolutely grand. Hell, Linux is lightyears beyond what it was when I started with it in 2004. Even with Ubuntu being derpy with Unity, I'm still happy that there's a big desktop Linux vendor. I just like Linux.
  4. zepp
    We have talked about what will hold things back, and most of the problem is XWindows haha. Luckily we have Wayland coming which looks nice. Unity needs more gooderstm, or Ubuntu needs to throw its weight behind Gnome 3 and work with them to make it awesome. It bothers me that Ubuntu went rogue from Gnome.
  5. zepp
    Also, KDE and Qt need to go die in a fire
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