Vision Spinner VV 1300mAh

Vision Spinner VV 1300mAh

  1. sami
    One of my ego clone batteries are depleting. It just happened to be the VV, too (variable voltage, aka adjustable voltage).

    Bought a Vision Spinner from MVS for $24.99 (used coupon code for 6% off "riyan")

    Have had it for a few days now. I was thinking it'd be the same length as my c-twist clone. Instead, it's shorter but wider. Feels like I can knock someone over their head with it and knock them out.

    I like it more than the c-twist clone because you can easily see the voltage setting. On my twist clone, it was only visible in sunlight.... Anyway, I recommend this battery.
  2. Groff
    I got the 400mah vision spinner for my cousin. I was thinking about getting one for myself, since it's super compact when I need discretion. Sounds better than walking around Six Flags with my Vamo xD
  3. sami
    400?? How long does it last?
  4. Groff
    For me? A day.
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