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Thread: selecting a new guitar

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Yup! I personally like Ibanez. Oh... and don't get a Gibson unless you're over 50 LOL.

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    I've had a bunch of PRS guitars (Customs, CEs, and singlecuts) and sold every one despite REALLY wanting to love them. They just sound sort of bleh for damned near everything. If you want a guitar that doesn't really nail any particular sound, but will get you say 7.5 or maybe 8 out of 10 for any sound, then PRS is your obvious choice. I think you should consider one of the newer Charvels like the DK-24, they seem to be getting some pretty good press and should be plenty versatile.

    But as already been said a few times, there's nothing like checking out a bunch of guitars in a store. You won't find one (store, that is) with everything obviously, but you should get a feel for what you don't want at a minimum. I've got over a dozen guitars and have been playing 45 years and my main guitar right now is a Mexican Baja Tele that ran me $700 used with a bridge upgrade and hard case Keep an open mind to the extent anyone can and play 'em all

    Also, your King V may do more of what you need through a Fender than that Peavey, so maybe adding an amp is the way to go...
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    Versatility will come more from your choice of woods and pickups than general shape, so truthfully, if you love the feel of your V, get another one, but with some different pickups, and maybe in a different body wood. I'm not sure what the King V's are, but to anyone asking this question, if they had a favorite guitar in mahogany, I'd suggest getting something in swamp ash, or vice versa. Some really think Alder is a nice happy medium, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post
    ... maybe in a different body wood.
    Queue Ced in three... two... one...

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