Ernie Ball have released a couple of new gauges
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Thread: Ernie Ball have released a couple of new gauges

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    Ernie Ball have released a couple of new gauges

    I haven't used Ernie Ball for about 15 years. But finally, someone's done a sensible hybrid 10s set!

    9-46? Great. That's two adjacent sets mashed together.
    10-52? Gr... wait, what? You've skipped a set! 10-48/9!! Why has nobody done it until now?! (Dunlop have but they absolutely suck)

    I had this conversation with a Daddario rep a couple of years ago. He didn't see my point. Thought I was being dumb and it didn't matter because 10-52 was one of their best sellers. Great. Probably is. But I'm now forced to go to another brand because you didn't see my point, dipshit.

    I've ordered a couple of sets. Will swap the 48 out for a 52 for drop C but the 10-48 Will be perfect for Eb/D standard. They could suck. But who knows. Does anybody even use Ernie Ball around here?
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    I have been using 10-52 with dropped D for a little bit now. I went from tuning to B to C now dropped D. It just sounds clearer.

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    EDIT: Welp I can't read
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    Elixirs or GTFO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post
    Elixirs or GTFO
    if you like strings dipped in confectioners sugar glaze

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    10-52 rules on short scale guitars. It’s what I use on all my Les Pauls. I’ve always liked heavy sound strings, since I pick like a Viking.

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    I've been using 9-46 forever and lately the transition between sets has started bothering me...I'm thinking I want to maybe try full 10s.

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    Still using 9-46 NYXL.
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