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    NAD: Been a while

    I haven't had an amp since I sold my 5150 III 50w a few years ago. Didn't have the space or time (in an apartment), and needed cash so off it went.

    I finally had the cash and space and time, and I figured I'd go for something different, so I snagged a 5150 III 50w el34 from Cameron, unlike the last one which I instead purchased from Cameron.

    This one is actually a prototype of the el34 stacked gain/volume on ch1/2 models, started out as a 6L6 model and was converted.

    I haven't gotten to check it out much yet because I was working until 9:30 and then baby went to sleep, but I'm excited

    Looks like it's got ye olde JJs. I've got some digging to do, but I'm pretty sure I have a set of Genelex KT77s kicking around I can throw in there if I don't like the JJs

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    If and when I replace my 2203, I will be hunting for a 6534+.
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    DUDE! that is baller. I bet it sounds fantastic.

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    Aw yeah! Clips!!!
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    That's awesome. If there is one thing I know, it that babies are amp killers

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    Quote Originally Posted by beneharris View Post
    That's awesome. If there is one thing I know, it that babies are amp killers

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