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    Axe FX Ultra

    I'm selling my Helix LT. I love the tones I've gotten from it but since quitting my band back in March and not having gigged in over a year, it seems pretty pointless having one.

    However an Axe FX Ultra has popped up for sale and I'm considering it for recording purposes.

    Is it now too outdated ? should I forget it?

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    Maybe if it's really cheap. Otherwise I'd get a HX Stomp, which I think sounds better. Or if you're wanting a smaller size, the new Fractal FM3.

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    Axe Fx Ultra still sounds amazing, only complaint I'd have is that if you're using it specifically for recording, they don't have a USB out AFAIK.
    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    Without ever having one I would say that if the Ultra is not substantially cheaper than the new FM3 I would skip it. You are paying for "old tech" and if you have the bad luck of the unit dies, it becomes a very expensive paper weight or Cup holder. Also dont forget the new Axe tech sounds better than the old one and if your plan is to record then I assume you want the best sounding gear possible.

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    James and I compared his ultra to a helix and the helix was a little better. Not massively so, maybe 10% for amp sims (if that's even quantifiable). Fx wise it's easier to get interesting fx out of the helix. The fractal probably has more options and I think overall fx are better. Helix fx are based on existing pedals, so if you want for example a delay with chorus on the trails, just find a chorus delay effect. If you want the same in the ultra you'd have to make a parallel chain, with a 100% wet delay followed by a chorus block etc... It takes more work to get there, the helix is quicker. And an LT will cost about as much as an ultra and come with a warranty.

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    ME: RG 1550
    MA: ROFL
    MB: Dafuq?!
    Rig: Mesa Mark IV, Recto 2x12

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    Edit. Didn't realise you have an LT. I'd say stick with it unless you want something in a rack format.

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    I dont see how you get any advantages selling something that is newer that you like, for a used unit that would be about equal in cost? I forget what it was but I remember the Ultra didnt act as a sound card either?? I just dont see how you gain much. Makes more sense to go mini Helix if you have to make a move..... just keep playing the LT, who cares if your gigging or not, by that premis most of us oldsters have ALOT of gear to sell!
    Vag Jackson, Man Of Action

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    Keep the helix. You don't need to be using it now to use it later.
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