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Thread: Speaker cables- Is there something I'm missing?

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    I'm still using the one I got with my EVH 5153 back in 2013. Big and chunky with the fattest plugs I've ever seen on a cable, the housing must be the best part of an inch in diameter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloody_Inferno View Post
    Not surprisingly, I use these.

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    What don't those guys make?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post

    What don't those guys make?
    I still love that their delay pedal looks just like an old 2290.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    I still love that their delay pedal looks just like an old time traveling DeLorean.


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    I use Dimarzios, 40$ or so, solid as fuck. The black 3ft ones.

    If you want the ultimate in security you can switch to speakon connections as opposed to 1/4. At either one or both ends.

    I've seen dudes who have modified their guitars to have speakon (or in some cases even XLR for guitar - >amp) jacks instread of 1/4. Thought about doing it myself a couple times too. A lot of bass manufacturers do speakon for amps and cabs but you don't really see it in guitar set ups as much, since guitarists are usually less forward thinking and will stick with something no matter how obsolete.

    Speakons are heavier duty too. Past a certain amount of voltage/current a 1/4 just isn't safe as a speakon.

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    Bass stuff uses speakon since 1/4" cable is not allowed in a lot of places now for high power applications because the connectors are exposed and it is-non locking.

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    If you need to make some speaker cable on the cheap, you can go out and buy a long ass extension cord, cut it to the length you need and solder on some ends. Typical extension cords you can buy from any hardware store will have the wire gauge listed right on the package, and anything from 16-12 gauge will do the trick depending on the length of cable run and how much power you plan to run through it.

    I can get 50ft (ish) of 16 gauge for like $18 CDN, and ends are cheap if I don't already just have them lying around. Whereas planet waves 5ft speaker cable (with slightly heftier 14 gauge wire) is $28.99 CDN, and $58.99 CDN for 25 ft at the local Long & McQuade.

    I've used this method many a time for studio purposes where we had to get a cab an unreasonably long way away from the head in the control room. It's literally just pieces of copper and solder, same as what's in your expensive brand name stuff. Ain't nothin' to be afeared of.
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    IMO, you should pick which of the two components you want to break. The force isn't going to disappear, and something is going to give. I would use cables that are reliable to in terms of basic durability and sound, but not be entirely impervious to bending or snapping apart. I'd rather that happen then the female jacks on my cab/head get badly damaged. Consider the cable as being a consumable, like strings, and picks - of the it having a break-away feature will allow for quick fixes - which is simply, keep a spare in your bag. Much faster and cheaper than fixing a cab/head input.

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