I've got way too many amps and need to get rid of them
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Thread: I've got way too many amps and need to get rid of them

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    I've got way too many amps and need to get rid of them

    I want to start getting debt paid off and work on being able to get into a bigger house for my wife and kids. Currently I have 5 different amps and for the amount of play time I get in (basically none) there's no way I can justify keeping all of them when I have other goals I am working towards.

    If you had to unload your amp/guitar/pedal collection (all except one perhaps for the rare occasions you DO get to play), how would you approach it? Would you simply sell the ones that would get you the biggest financial return and hang on to the cheapest one? Would you figure out what is your favorite and sell the others that didn't make the cut? Or would you keep one that might not be either of those, but could potentially be seen as an investment if the amp's value on the used market continues to increase? I'm not super partial to any one specific amp and don't have one that's a clear favorite over another, but a couple I did get at better than average pricing.

    Appreciate any guidance or suggestion in advance.

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    Keep favourite/most versataille. Sell rest.

    I doubt Amos will increase in value unless you own something incredibly rare.

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    I agree with 7DT.

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    As much as I love having all my amps, if I needed to, I'd sell them all except the Stiletto. It's one of three I really play the most, and it's the most rare. The other two being the Engl Thunder and my Roadking v1.

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    Think of which would be the first you’d re-buy, then keep it and sell the rest.

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    Priorities. If you need the cash, sell them all. You can always re-buy them. Having said that, I agree with Iron1, the one that you'd re-buy first is the one to keep if you keep one.

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    Come on, this is the Internet! Post what you have, and we’ll arbitrarily tell you what to keep!

    Just kidding, do what everyone else said. If any are Mesas, those get priority. 😄

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    I bought a new house not long ago and can definitely relate to your situation. I would actually suggest keeping 2 which is what I did - the first being the one you like the most and 'couldn't live without' and then a second that is different enough from the first and one you also really like. That might keep you satisfied longer... but from one gear whore to another, who are you kidding, man.

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