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Thread: NGD Not behind the curve this time.

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    Fred Brum (Fred the Shred ) has been using one for some time Live and he is talking wonders out of it. Said every new firmware made it even better.

    Im kinda curious on it, although I think the price is a bit steep.

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    Aside from the 4CM/tone capture, and the synth engine, there's not much more than what the GE200 offers.

    I was specifically looking for something with 4CM with loop levels(the modelling is just cake, though tasty), and this is only about $100 more than the Headrush Gigboard or Line 6 HX Effects.

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    The demos are starting to show up.

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    Starting to wonder about this unit. I've been considering using a floor modeller to control my Kemper fly rig and add a bit of redundancy in emergencies, I was originally looking at an AX8 but they're still holding price second hand. The price and size of this is what's drawing me.

    If the features are there for midi control, midi CC transmission, killer metal amps and IR hosting (given that Cabinets are what makes or breaks a heavy sound), it could be a winner.

    Is there any type of pitch shift function in there? I'm using the Kemper to shift a concert pitch guitar down into three other tunings, I could feed this with a shifted clean DI from there but splitting and doing it in-unit would make everything more fail safe.

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    The polyphonic pitch shifter leaves a bit to desired. It works good as a harmonizer, but there's some bleed through at 100%. Maybe they'll patch it, seems silly that there's all this synth engine stuff, but something guitar related is lacking.

    I have started to get some good tones out of the models, especially the Friedman and Engl Powerball ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toshiro View Post
    The amp models need some tweaking, effects seem good, synth is nuts.

    Fuck Ola for making this shitty melody STICK IN MY HEAD!!!!

    At 3:15


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    Argbadh - RHLC©

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    Some of the tones on that first demo vid sound pretty nice!

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