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Thread: Do you care at all what gear others use?

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    Constantly and wildly swinging between "sort of" and "not really".

    If I hear some music or sound that inspires me, I'd try to find out how it's done. Sometimes I'll run with it while other times I'd think it's not for me. It's like alchemy really. Eventually the more experimentation, the more sure I am of which works for me best. It can be counterproductive but with the mindset of gear as tools of inspiration then it's easy to manage.

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    I care what the other guys in my band are using

    Otherwise, nah.

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    I don't really get the urge to buy stuff from the people I like to listen to. I basically sound the same no matter what I play through anyway

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    I don’t really care what other people use, especially famous people. I love Satch, but not really for his tone. Petrucci is a great player, but Vince and Angel IMO get better tones out of Petrucci’s own sig amp.
    I will say that after seeing Paul Gilbert live, I had to see what he was using, because his tone was awesome. Gone is the nasally shit tone. It sounded amazing.

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    I agree with a lot of the others here in that if I hear a band (ie: Machine Head, Meshuggah, etc..) it's always interesting to see what they use for gear but back when I was in a band, I never referenced anyone's gear list when picking out an amp or pedals.

    Honestly, I've never had the budget for high end gear, so it never really entered my mind to try and copy a 'pro level' rig. Ever since I started it was more or less, get the best out of what I can find and/or afford. Back in the day, there was no such thing as buying online, so I was pretty much limited to what I could find locally. It also didn't help that I live in a pretty small area and as a result, the selection wasn't exactly what you'd call 'massive'.

    These days with all of the modelers and pedals and vst programs, etc... it's almost like a game/challenge to try and recreate guitarists' tones but in a band context, I don't think I'd even want to try and copy someone else.

    I agree with the others though, best bet is to just try stuff out until you find what matches the 'sound in your head'.

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    Not anymore.

    A friend of mine borrowed a new multi-Fx to replace his old unit. I expected to hear a massive improvement in tone, but what I heard instead was... Well, him. He just sounded like he always did. Real eye opener.

    So at this point I only care about what I want for a band/project. For example, I wanted a versatile amp for a cover band, so I bought an ENGL Sovereign (4 channels). I don't know any band that ever used it. Now I needed something simple to run in a pedalboard and be able to connect straight to mixer if needed be, so I bought an AMT preamp. I didn't even try them beforehand. I knew they would work for what I needed.

    In the past I've always enjoyed getting great tones out of uncommon stuff. People were surprised about how thunderous my Laney VH100R sounded for death metal, or the tone I get out of a little 30W Roland tube amp now.
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    I don't care what other people use as far as equipment. I try to do my own thing.

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    People confuse "tone" with "playing style/skills" all the fucking time.

    Tone is in the gear
    Playing style/phrasing/skills/musical vocabulary is in the hands


    If "tone is in the hands"... We could simply banish all amps North Korea style and then have ONE amp with two settings; clean, and distorted.
    And there would be no micing techniques either, only lined with ONE impulse response.

    Because tone is in the hands, right?



    It's not fucking difficult to understand

    Too all who says "I sound the same through a AC30 and a Fender Tweed"

    NO YOU DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read this forum post:
    "I have personally witnessed this, since I knew personally Steve Vai and got to hang out with him in several context, that no matter what he played, amp or pedal wise, the sound coming out was exactly the same. "


    Also, to anyone who says BOTH that tone is in the hands, and ALSO agents for tonewood, that is the biggest oxymoron I've ever heard!!!

    I'm fine with anybody who believes in tonewood, but please dont say that AND "tone is in the hands" because then you are just embarressing yourself

    Because compare the amount of tonal change you get from choosing different amps, cabs, and then different gutiars... Different guitars (Even with differnt pickups) doesn't give as much difference and different AMPS AND CABS!!!!

    I hate the guitarist description "HUGE DIFFERENCE" because it's used in so manY WRONG WAYS!!!

    People can call changing out a Dimarzio Super Distortion for a Dimarzio EVO "huge difference" but that's absolute BULLSHIT. IT's just a few nuances.

    Moving a mic 1cm from the cone in front of a cab is not HUGE DIFFERENCE. It's nuances.

    Going from a Plexi to a 5150 isn't huge either, but it's noticable.


    If you change out both the amp, the cab and mic placement THATS A HUGE DIFFERENCE because ANYBODY will be able to hear it, even with hearing impairments!!!

    Most people wouldn't notice if a guitar riff was recorded back and fourth between 4 different guitars with different pickups. I can prove that with A BLIND TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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