Do you care at all what gear others use?
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Thread: Do you care at all what gear others use?

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    Do you care at all what gear others use?

    So most of the music and bands I’m into use the very stereotypical 5150 into a V30 cab with a tubescreamer (and for the bands I listen to usually EMG’s). Now I could just get the exact same gear myself if I’m going for the same vibe/style and call it a day. Or I could experiment with other options to find something I like either through trial and error or just try stuff out, and not care at all about what others use.

    When you’re looking at gear do you let what others use (influences, peers, trends, etc) influence/guide you on what to get, or do you just find what you like regardless of whether it’s something the majority uses? Do you use the baseline as a “template” and tweak/customize from there?

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    I'll ask what breaks least within my budget, but outside of that I've known what I like for a long time.

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    I don't have a lot of money to spend on guitar equipment as this is more of a bedroom hobby for me. I try to get the most versatile equipment that I can. even if it can't replicate 100% true to the real deal, as long as it still sounds good I'm interested. BOSS SD-1 over TS9, solid state blackstar head and an EQ in the loop into a Harley Benton V30 212, over multiple amps, etc. Its more important to me that I like how it sounds than it being the thing my favorite bands are using.

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    I used to see what players whose sound I like use. Then try it out and see if it gets me what I'm looking for. If not, sell it.

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    It does interest me greatly to know what others use but it doesn't influence me much when it comes time to buy. My last go round with amp buying saw me spending way too much time on YouTube researching and way too much time driving to music stores in a 200 mile radius trying stuff out to find what I was looking for to get the tone I was wanting. I can't really say it was time wasted, I got to try a bunch of amps I normally wouldn't have and learned a lot. Dammit, I've got the itch again, lol!

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    I tend to have a sound I want, not super interested in mimicking bands/etc.

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    If Gary Holt plays it, I'm interested.

    Seriously though, at this point I check out things from artists I like, but I've sort of developed my own taste and style, and I have a large enough stable of gear for me to be mostly satisfied. I know what gear does and does not work for me, and unless something blows me away I'm not looking around for new stuff.
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