New amp day: Roland Microcube GX (birthday special)

Thread: New amp day: Roland Microcube GX (birthday special)

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    Rocka_Rollas said:

    Default New amp day: Roland Microcube GX (birthday special)

    Since my girlfriend built her own guitar (called Arsestick ) she's been borrowing my old Roland Microcube the last year or so.
    And since we play together I'm usually amp-less (in the living room). She's learning the basics but it's fun to see her progress from barely playing a note to now playing melodies on all three strings (yes, Arsestick only has 3 strings).

    So to make myself audiable when jamming out she got me a brand new Roland GX as 30 year birthday present

    It's fun and I like the programmable presets, compared to the old version.
    Now you can store the gain, volume, tone, effects and delay/reverb on each amp model.

    The only thing keeping this thing from being perfect is the ability to connect a footswitch to it... I may look into if that's DIY-able!


    The new version has "amp volume" and "master volume" which can secretly be used to tailor the tone.

    If anybody gets this miniamp; be sure to set the AMP VOLUME pretty high and the MASTER VOLUME LOW.
    Doing it the otther way around will result in a quite farty sound. Maybe that's your thing, you gotta try it out yourself.

    Anyway great thing to have whenever I feel like just ROCKING THE FUCK OUT at any time so I don't have to start my Kemper, interface and computer to get ROCKING!

    Very appreciated birthday gift of course!!!!

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    schreckmusic said:


    Happy 30th man!!!
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    Rocka_Rollas said:


    Thank you thank you!!!
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    mpexus said:


    Happy 30th Birthday and happy new Amp day to

    Now we need some videos of you shredding on it.
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    watson503 said:


    Happy 30th birthday, Ced!
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    Happy birthday, but...
    Does it djent?
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    Assault Bacon said:


    Happy 30th!
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    Happy birthday dude, and HNAD!