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Thread: Boosting amps, but...

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    Maybe you need to try out some amp brands your not familiar with and see if there's maybe something out there you didnt know was for you. Sadly amp shopping in the uk is now £££££££££ though

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    Try one of these if you can:

    I absolutely loved it with my Mark V, but since I have a 5150 now I don't need a boost.

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    OB1 is his only hope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattayus View Post
    I mean ultimately I'll always try to get away with not using a boost first, so yeah an amp that just sounds great and has enough tightness and saturation inherently is key, but I just don't feel like the Mark series is my thing.

    It was the same with the Engl Savage. Fucking amazing head, no need for a boost to ever go anywhere near that thing, but that's also what I didn't like about it.

    I kind of prefer amps that you have to boost You get a tone that's great but just a tiny bit undergained, and then slam it so it's right on the money. I don't care what anybody says, that's a whole different dynamic to an amp that has it all on board.

    It's not just about the amount of gain either. Tons of amps have more than enough gain, but the shape/tone of the gain just isn't as nice as when it's rolled off to a "crunch" and then boosted.
    well, it has 2 gain dials - one is the actual gain, and the second is a drive- which basically acts as a pre-gain boost. if you crank the gain you get a very different type of saturation to cranking the drive.

    but fair play if its not your thing.

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    Mentioning the OB1 - I have been getting some interesting results using a HyperGravity Compression pedal through my Orange. Basically just enough squish to add a hint of sustain without altering tone unfavorably (YMMV).

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    This happened yesterday.

    Using an EQ as a boost with a frowny face curve is the tits. Works especially well with solid state amps. It's much more subtle and less intrusive to the amps inherent tone than a mid-boost OD.

    Will knock together a quick vid (we were having far too much fun to do anything even remotely professional) and start a thread in the next few days.

    It was fun, but more importantly, quite eye-opening...
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    Nice! I need to try that.

    My EQ between my pre and power has sort of a dual frowny face, like a McDowell's M, centered right in the mids, since I run all my pre mids quite high.

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    With that setup? Why not just run the Dual Rec into the Roadster as a boost?!

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