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Thread: pedal switchers.

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    those both look to be about the same thing i'm looking for but both at the same general pricepoint. so if i want this functionality it looks like it's gonna cost me a grand.

    bummer. ah well.

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    Does the Carl Martin Octa Switch have the functionality?
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    True Bypass Signal Routing Solutions

    Those guys might have what you need and if not, they do full custom build pretty reasonably.
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    The Joyo's are kinda cheap?

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    Not sure on the size limit but the G2 from gig rig looks good. Its what the guys from thatpedalshow use (and make).

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    Now that eurorack has gotten so popular I've seen shoegaze guys incorporating legit pedalboard style patch bays to get more routing options. Sometimes multiple patch bays on the same board.

    Of course that won't be footswitchable and involves physically unplugging stuff to change the routing and might not have the functionality you want, but it's an option.

    Like you pointed out, getting anything footswitchable is going to be expensive, and the footprint on your pedalboard might be fucking huge.

    Not super clear on what you are describing, but yeah, it probably sounds like you should go custom or build it yourself.

    For people with huge boards, shit like this isn't uncommon.

    The main issues for what you want is that it's going to take up a ton of space and be expensive.

    Once you get into having like, a specific board and a stereo rig though, yeah, if you want something slick it probably is going to be pricey.

    Depends on how shoegaze-y your band is. Traditional metal wisdom is you want everything tight and footswitchable, but there are also guys who have no problem like, crouching down and messing with shit during a set in the "styles of music with big boards" genre.

    Without knowing the exact routing/functionality you want for the pedalboard and the rig it would be hard to say what's best. It's possible that it might be more practical to get more than one box for what you want. Electro-Harmonix has some shit that might be worth a look.

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    EH also has this out, which isn't what you want in a single box, but is specifically intended for rigs that have multiple fuzz pedals. Looks likd fun.

    But yeah, difficult to say what's best without knowing the exact routing you want.

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