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    Tight and brutal, look no further than the Savage. I have yet to find one that does both tight and brutal better than it.
    C'mon son.


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    I think you need to consider the speed of what you're playing and in what tuning before you make a decision. In around 2007 I was playing in a seven string band in A and had the Diezel rep bring down a VH4 & Herbert with front and rear mounted cabinets to try. I chose the bigger sounding Herbert into the tigher sounding front loaded cabinet.

    Skip forward to 2011 and I was playing a sizeable festival with a slightly faster, more thrashy six string band in C, the comment I got from the sound guy who I hugely respect was that the Herbert really didn't sound great for what I was doing. That was pretty crushing to hear, but a good lesson in selecting relevant equipment for what I was doing.

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    No price cap? I'd get the latest AxeFX, would pay the lot o' ya'll to program the fucker for me, and would run it through my 2:90

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrane View Post
    According to Diezel website the Einstein is no longer a part of their range.
    Also, from the website the Herbert seems to have the most brutal description;-)

    Aside, since i have a bunch of different reissue Marshalls with EL34 i dont want to buy another amp that is some kind of tweaked Marshall. I want something completely different tonewise.
    The Einstein is long discontonued, but it's still available on the secondhand market, as are most of my other suggestions. I mean, unless a 1 year warranty is super important to you, why not buy used and save a fortune?

    Descriptions and realities can be very different, and as Lozek said, how you use it is important. The Herbert suits low tuned Korn-type stuff well, the VH4 is tighter. If you want tight *and* brutal out of a Diezel, the VH4 (or maybe a VH2, though I've not played one) is the way to go. The Hagen and D-Moll are also better suited to that too.

    As for tweaked Marshall's, the first Diezel's were just that, so read into that what you will about the basis of their tone stack design. Realistically, every amp out there is a derivative of something else, so just go and play a bunch of amps and see what sounds best to you
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    Don't be afraid to buy used.
    Needs Sleep

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    Thanks to all.
    There is also the Driftwood Purple nightmare 100. What known amp does it compare most to tonewise?
    Finally i have been thinking og the Peavey Invective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrane View Post
    Thanks to all.
    There is also the Driftwood Purple nightmare 100. What known amp does it compare most to tonewise?
    Finally i have been thinking og the Peavey Invective.
    Driftwoods were really hyped a couple of years ago, rarely seen or heard anything from them lately...plenty of videos from the usual suspects, I recommend Lasse Lammert's video review to get an idea (but at the end of the day it's just another SLO derivate with fancy stained wood fronts)

    Concerning the Invective:
    Just buy a 5150/6505, get a proper noise gate, a tubescreamer of choice and quality patch cables and use the rest of the money saved to take your girlfriend for a nice dinner

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    Quote Originally Posted by budda View Post
    Don't be afraid to buy used.
    Especially not with Diezel in Europe. The Peters will do anything in their power to keep their amps up and running.

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