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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince View Post
    Aside from external devices, the best low-volume tube amp I've ever played is hands-down the Mark V 25. It sounds nearly identical at bedroom levels and at jamming volume. For silent recording, I think the tube amp expander is definitely the best of the bunch and has a ton of incredible uses, but I just don't see the need personally for over half of it's features and I find it incredibly bulky and pricy. For me, a reactive load like the Suhr Reactive Load or the Torpedo Captor along with some good IRs are really the best.

    I'm also one for tubes every step of the way, so I have my captor going through a tube mic pre before hitting my input board, and I seem to do alright tone-wise with direct recording my tube amps.
    Honestly, the full sized V isn't really much worse. Sounds good at "can drown out with conversation" levels, and awesome at apartment-friendly levels. It IS about double the cost though.
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    I've not really had much of a chance to play with it, but I set it up last night and just played through it for a couple of hours, which is something I've not had the time to do recently because of work. But first impressions are that this is good, really really good. I've got the weekend off so I'm pretty much going to spend the whole time playing with it (and playing some guitar for once!). Mattayus made me an IR of my Orange 412 that I'm going to chuck on there as well so I'm looking forward to to that, also looking forward to using this live... maybe sound guys will hate us slightly less now.

    Also, you'll have to excuse the shit playing but I made a short clip, I think it's the rectifier style cab direct into logic with no mix or EQ because I'm lazy/tired.

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    Sweet. I'll put this on my want list now.
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