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    Quote Originally Posted by Lozek View Post
    Yeah I looked at the WL-60 alongside the Shure GLX, they all get reports of network interference. I've been searching for older UHF units and finding nothing in a pedal form factor. I may just end up with my G3 on the floor I think.
    I don't think you'll get what you want in a pedal form factor. It's definitely convenient though. I made the mistake of sticking an older non rack mount Nady on my pedal board precisely once, thinking, "it's only a little bigger than a pedal". It lasted for a grand total of 3 and a half minutes before one of the guys backlining in the headliners gear kicked one of the antennas off.

    Dunno about interference, UK and US regulations are probably different, but a lot of people are switching to older units because the bands for most modern wireless units are so congested. Picking up an older premium Nady is usually a really good bet. Honestly, the construction on the older units, especially the transmitters, is usually better.

    Some of the best ones you can get in the US are actually the ones they sell to public schools and universities in bulk for teachers to use. Not only are those usually solid as shit (if tax dollars are paying for the shit and the school is in a rich area), they are usually on less congested bands. Bands are always getting re-assigned and shit, especially in the US, so you have to do the reading if you don't want interference. I think the US is getting another band shuffle up courtesy of the FCC in 2020.

    Your other best bet is just finding a solid one that uses the same bands as the preachers use in Mega-churches. No joke. Any wireless lavalier one can usually carry a guitar signal in theory, although they obviously have ones especially marketed towards guitars. Churches are obviously the most anal about having frequencies that aren't susceptible to interference.

    I believe Audix does some that might be close to what you are looking for. https://audixusa.com/docs_12/units/AP41_GUITAR.shtml

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    I picked up a used atomic amplifire 3 the other day for 250 shipped. It’s a tiny bit bigger than a helix stomp, and doesn’t have as many fx or routing options, but the amp modelling is great. It’s easily better than my axe fx standard and helix native for amp tones. I’m not sure how it compares to the physical helix units as I’ve not done a side by side. From memory it’s better. Some helix users say native and the physical units sound different - maybe that’s something to do with the quality of the inputs vs their interface input. It also does IR loading for direct.

    One downside is you can’t order your signal chain EXACTLY how you like - the signal path is semi fixed. For example noise gates can go at the start of the chain, or after the amp model etc. You can only have of each fx type.

    The fx are a little basic, but do you use many fx? If you want to give it a try I’m sure we can sort a meet up or something.

    Edit: the 6 and 12 have a pitch shifter that’s meant to be very good. The 3 doesn’t have enough cpu to support it, but I’ve no need for that.

    Atomic Amplifire - The Pitchshifter Demonstration - YouTube
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    I've had my HX Stomp for about a week now and really dig it. Far more precise sims, a ton of edit options, as CC pointed out above you can easily edit your signal chain and so much more. I'd suggest you at least buy one and mess with it a bit, then return it if it doesn't float your boat. For the price, size and ease of us, I'm not sure it can be beat, however.
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    At this point, my itchy credit card finger is wavering towards the Mooer preamp live. It fits the physical criteria like the HX stomp, but I can tone capture a Kemper preamp signal on the GE300, use a blended IR, then duplicate minus effects in the Pre-amp live. Effectively I will be replicating my current capability in a much more transportable format.

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