My dad scored a bunch of WGS Retro 30 speakers in a storage unit buy and asked me if I could make a clip just so people could hear them before buying. I had never heard of them before but I'm glad this happened because I learned some things about the Line 6 2x12 I've had for 15 years. When I bought it used I was told there were V30's in it. I was never a huge fan of this cabinet because it, frankly, sounded like ass, especially when cranked. I tried back when I got it to get the grille off to take them out but gave up because I couldn't figure out how to take the grille off. It's just velcro'd on.

First thing I saw was that both the speakers in the cabinet had a 2" tear in wonder they sounded like shit when cranked. Then when I removed them, I found they were Line 6 TubeTone's. Not sure who made them and don't particularly care. I guess it's Line 6's FRFR speaker meant to be paired with their Flextone things made a LOT of sense. I wondered why they never sounded like any V30 I had ever heard and just figured it was due to being shitty cab construction.

So I popped the WGS Retro's in and immediately asked my dad how much he wanted for them. If you took a V30, tightened up the low end, got rid of that nasally upper midrange and tweaked the high end, the Retro 30's are what you'd have. The high end is really, really clear but not shrill in any way. I've heard the XXX I've got in the studio through a few cabs over the years and this one is easily my favorite, with a Mesa 4x12 with V30's as a close second.

Here's the clip I made for Pop's. The first set of speakers in each clip are the Retro's. Not a single thing changed about the recordings aside from the speakers. I just went through the 3 channels on the XXX.

I've been fighting with that fucking cabinet for years when I record with it. It sounds ok at bedroom level, but cranked it would just fart wonder why! I didn't even mess around much with mic placement today to make the clip, just put it an inch off the speaker between the cone and the cap and pressed record. They took about 45 minutes at stage volume to get them to loosen up, but I'm really stoked with these. You can find them for around $70 a piece, which is a great deal.