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Thread: I bought something.

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    Helix Stomp?

    Woodland Cast custom guitar pick with Spongebob on it?
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    This post is in the gear forum, not the guitar forum.

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    since were basically playing 20 questions I'll start vague lol

    is it a guitar amp?

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    Using my Sherlock Holmes senses of deduction, I'm going to say it's something you didn't actually realize you needed, but you either saw it for the first time and suddenly realize you needed it(previously unaware it was a product that was available), or you saw some other people hyping it super hard and realize you needed it.

    I'm also going to say, while I'm in my Sherlock Holmes mode, that it's not a mere utility item, since something like a rack case of a patchbay or a power conditioner, unless it was Dave Mustaine's one, wouldn't warrant it's own guessing thread.

    It's also going to be at lest $500 and from a "premium" brand. Since A) You have evolved into kind of a Cork Sniffer and B) You recently attempted to cheap out on an interface no less than three times before returning each one and getting the more expensive one you should have just went with in the first place and the memory of that is still semi fresh.

    I'm going to say it's one of the $500 large Strymon units. Since this is in the gear forum and Bloody Inferno and I (and a few others) hype those all over the place, you've had Strymon units previously you liked, and you didn't really realize you needed another one until Drew bought one, and "my buddy just bought one, so now I have to buy one" is a very real thing we've all experienced. Although you are are a boring "Multi-FX units are cool" fan, so that goes a little against that theory.

    Maybe it's a Maxon Fireblade. An obscure unit I am also struggling with the desire to buy. It was Japan only. I don't even remember exactly what it does. Chorus or Compressor I think.

    It's called the "Fireblade" though, and ever since my first Ibanez Destroyer I have also experienced the desire to buy a product just because it has a cool model name.

    It also might be some sort of two notes/other brand attenuator/cab sim unit. Since you just got a Mesa Power Amp, and it seems like you might be on one of those, "I have an Axe-FX II, but what if I spent a ton of money to replace it with a *REAL* silent recording signal chain that sounded the exact same or worse, since no one can actually tell the difference between modellers and the 'real thing' in double blind tests".

    That or it's something with "shitty nostalgia appeal", like a vintage (although I don't think they count as 'vintage' yet) Digitech rack unit or an old Zoom.

    Or maybe it's something crazy left field. Like one of those weird 'made to order' pedals custom made by foreign savants out of old busted portable tape recorders that are $700 for some reason and have a fucking huge waiting list. Or an eBow made out of solid gold.

    If it's a pedal, it's not something with a cool graphic, since you are always on the old "when you get to middle age you stop appreciating that kind of metal posturing and just want boring old expensive looking brushed metal enclosures, because looking 'classy' is more important than having cool looking stuff" tear. So that rules out a lot of the highest priced stuff. Maybe something brushed metal with a simple graphic, like a J. Rockett Klone, but since you are always talking about how some shades of off white are better than others for painting the walls of a house, because not all shades of off white are created equal and there are at least 57 different kinds of "egg shell" shades of off white that only a true man of wealth and taste can discern the difference between. But nothing with Skulls on it.

    Or you might have Doctor Moriartied my Sherlock Holmes senses and knew I would arrive at that conclusion, and thought you could outsmart me, and it's something with a bunch of skulls on it.

    Or it's a crate of 400 NOS Digitech Thrashmaster pedals that "fell off the back of a truck and were sitting in a warehouse somewhere" you bought in a late night spell of poor judgement, because you were having a mid-life crisis and really only wanted one Digitech Thrashmaster pedal, but 400 NOS Digitech Thrashmaster pedals are definitely better than one used one. And you are going to realize in the morning that it was definitely a mistake and ask the seller if you can actually only buy one, and he'll be like, "No", so you will back out of the transaction and hastily buy another item for the purpose of giving this thread closure because you don't want to admit the whole Thrashmaster thing.

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    Unfortunately, it is not Dave Mustaine's power conditioner. These should be some sweet hints:

    The value is more than $1000 but less than $2500.

    Half of the site will like it. Half of the site will say it's crap.

    It's not vintage.

    It has no skulls on it (yet).

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    Zoom 9002?

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    Some kind of load box/attenuator so you can get that sweet, sweet saturated valve sound without waking the kid?

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