New Pedal/Home Made Pedalboard Day with Bonus KA-BAR studio expansion update
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Thread: New Pedal/Home Made Pedalboard Day with Bonus KA-BAR studio expansion update

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    New Pedal/Home Made Pedalboard Day with Bonus KA-BAR studio expansion update

    So as a bunch of you know, I've been overhauling a bunch of stuff recently, doing my full fall overhaul. I wanted to post it when it was all clean and done, but fuck it, shit is taking forever to arrive.

    Now, this was supposed to be a sick completed picture with fog machines and everything, but of course the thing about big overhauls is it's like, "Oh shit, I thought I had everything I needed but I need separate zip ties. or that special Godlyke velcro that isn't like shitty regular velcro, or this cable wasn't long enough, or this or that or what the fuck ever". Also, I will never be able to take the perfect picture, because I had to buy a discontinued footswitch for my Ampeg VH-140C for an exorbitant price from a pawn shop, because when I bought it it didn't have a footswitch, and they fucking stuck the price sticker right on there and it won't come off. Fucking bastards.

    Basically in terms of the pedalboard I wanted to go back to a full proper visceral pedalboard, like when I was playing live. I usually am pretty content with sims and DI'ing into Reaper, but I wanted to mix it up and do a fresh rig. Also loaded my VH-140C combo with new Celestion K-100s, which are my favorite speaker. Fucking hate V30s. Still have to get another reverb tank for it, trying to pick between accutronics and Mod. I don't need one, since the Talisman is my Reverb sound, but multiple flavors never hurt anyone.

    On to the pedal board. I'm not a big pedalboard guy, but what I like I like, so there's pretty much only three non utility (non tuner/power/wireless) pedals.

    -DOD Carcosa: Over the past year I've kind of rethought my lead sounds. I felt like high gain leads wasn't "me", so I started doing the '70s style Gilmour approach and using a Big Muff or similar fuzz and one of my single coil loaded Jacksons. There are actually a ton of fuzzes I am interested in, have a list and just sort of lined them up and this was first. If it doesn't cut it I'll replace it though. I don't really like the gnarly stoner fuzzes or the hipster fuzzes, I just want a Gilmour Fuzz. Of course, for those of you who follow pedals, you know the Carcosa has been making waves, fucking sick pedal. Best thing DOD has done in a long fucking time. Of course it can do all kinds of weird shit, but I just use it for '70s style Gilmour fuzz. It fucking rules for that. If it doesn't pan out, I have some other fuzzes I am interested in trying next.

    -Catalinbread Talisman: Favorite pedal ever made. This is my third one of these. Catalinbread is probably my favorite pedal brand. I replaced a Strymon Big Sky with this and never looked back. Now first, I want to say, the Big Sky is 100% the best Reverb pedal ever made in terms of the amount of territory it covers. The Talisman only does one thing well, but that one thing happens to be what I really want. The Big Sky is also a tweakers dream, which unfortunately, isn't conducive for me. A pedal can be the sickest thing ever, but if I spend four hours going through every option trying to build the ultimate patch and no time playing, it's not a good fit. The Catalinbread takes like 30 seconds to dial. Fucking awesome sounding pedal. It's an EMT style plate reverb, but you can use it for more subtle stuff, plate does the exciter kind of thing of generating upper order harmonics and shimmery goodness, so it rules for Scorpions Love at First String style tones.

    -Walrus Audio Arp-Whatever the number is. This just showed up. Not a big delay connoisseur, so once again I'm just trying shit. I like Walrus Audio's stuff, probably one of the top 4-5 pedal brands to me, so they were an obvious choice. I was thinking of going with their KAngra Fuzz too if the Carcosa doesn't work out. I only played it for like, an hour, because once it showed up it was board building time. It has a couple modes. The lo-fi one is cool, I had a Caroline Lo-Fi delay I liked, so it's a cool option to have. There was a cooler neon green version of the pedal out, but it was like $50 more. But now I regret not getting it.

    -Chorus. That's non essential, but the VH-140C has a sick built in chorus, so that's there too.

    The board itself was like. I did just have a nice piece of wood with velcro on it, but the thing about velcro is that it needs regular vacuuming and that pisses me off cause it looks like shit. I briefly looked at boards to buy but I was like, "Fuck it, I'm a macho dude, my motto is DIY whenever possible, never give someone else money for something you can do yourself. Besides, I want instant gratification and don't want to wait for more stuff to ship".

    Of course in the long run it would have just been cheaper to buy one, because I spent quite a bit of time on thinking up the pattern for the holes, and counter sinking and chamfering shit, and I probably damaged my lungs with all the fucking burning rustoleum boring out the holes smooth, but whatever, it's a cool board. I got a bunch of the newish Boss cables after being impressed with the one that came with the wireless, so those are sick. They don't make them longer than 3 feet though, so the footswitch ones are just gnarly old Dimarzios I had laying around.

    It's like, sort of a Pentacle type pattern, and I had this freaky idea like, "What if instead of mounting everything straight and boring I mount the pedals in front of the amp angled one way and the pedals in the loop the other way?" Also, cabling made more sense that way, considering the jack locations on the pedals.

    Anyways, while I was waiting for the shit tons of stuff I didn't know I would need to show up, like boring cables and velcro and a fucking $100 Thunderbolt 2 to 3 adaptor since the nice new motherboard I got is thunderbolt 3 and the UAD I got is thunderbolt 2 and they are physically different and nothing can ever be easy, I started chipping away at the other stuff I need to do. Since I was painting and drilling and sanding anyways and my philosophy is always, "if you are going to make a mess, do as much messy stuff as possible at the same time, so you only have to clean up once" I started on some other shit since I was already painting and drilling and chamfering the board. Since the new PC has a sick glass side window, I wanted to put it on the shelves, unfortunately the meant a shelf would have to be taken out. I didn't build the shelves, but they are overbuilt, and not the kind of thing that was meant for disassembly, everything is glued in and shit. With the new board and everything and the new interface and PC I wanted to redo the feng shui, redo the cabling runs and get the keyboard beneath the screens in a place where I will actually use it more and all kinds of shit.

    I briefly considered getting a specialty reciprocating saw that would fit in the space and do it cleanly, but I was like, "Fuck that, I'm not spending more money on shit, It's time for some precision axe work".

    Also, because I know you all wanted to see it, I got a legit 80s Onslaught patch for studio decor. I fucking love Onslaught, but the newer patches don't get the gradient right, I want the legit The Force era glorious gradient. Some dude on ebay is selling these in lots of 2, so one will be a studio pennant. I might have to buy more while he still has them in stock. I would hate to want more period correct Onslaught patches with proper The Force era gradient in the future and not be able to get them.

    That's your regularly scheduled update. I figured now was a good time to do it, because I need to sharpen all my knives and axes and clean up a shit ton of wood chips. And I also figured, "If I accidentally get carried away and go too far and fuck something up I better document it now before that point".

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