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Thread: Recommend me some Overdrives

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    Join Date: Oct 2008
    Location: London, England
    ME: ESP MI Custom
    MB: Fender Jazz custom
    Rig: Kemper

    iTrader: 4 (100%)

    Just landed an MXR M77 for 41 squiggles, going to be keeping an eye out for some of the other options here going cheap on the Bay.

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    Join Date: Mar 2017
    Location: USA

    iTrader: 0

    I use an Amptweaker tight drive in front of everything... 9 or 18 volt, noise gate for the single coils, great tone shaping... Useful for stacking... Plays well with other drive pedals... currently using it in combination with a Custom Audio Art ultrasonic into a fender Tweed twin.... Sounds sick as f#ck...

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    Join Date: Aug 2009
    Location: South Jersey
    ME: Fender Telecasters
    MA: Emerald X20 Artisan
    MB: STR LS-648
    Rig: Mk IVa / Fractal AX8

    iTrader: 1 (100%)

    My main OD is a Fuchs Plush drive, love it
    "Oh, those jazz guys are just making that stuff up!" - Homer J. Simpson

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: Lake District, UK
    ME: Blackmachine
    Rig: Helix/Matrix/Zilla

    iTrader: 11 (100%)

    As always, my recommendation is a Suhr Kokoboost.

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    Join Date: Feb 2018
    Location: Rock Ridge
    ME: Charvel Suhr Ibanez
    Rig: SLO, Bogner XTC

    iTrader: 0

    Same as above - when I want to boost (pretty often!!), it's the Suhr Koko.

    When I want the OD pedal to provide the gain, it's something called the Jetter "Altair IV".

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    Join Date: Mar 2010
    Location: Tennessee
    ME: RGA 121 & SLSMG
    Rig: Blackstar Stage 60

    iTrader: 4 (100%)

    I have an Ibanez TS808 reissue that really fucking cranks out nasty metal tones. The bartolinis really help too, I guess 😂

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    Join Date: Aug 2016
    Location: Los Angeles, CA.
    ME: RG 7420
    MA: Fylde
    Rig: JSX and XXX Halfstacks

    iTrader: 0

    DigiTech Screaming Blues is my fave lately. A bit darker then a Tubescreamer
    or SD-1.

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    Join Date: Sep 2008
    Location: Arizona
    ME: Ibanez
    Rig: Mesa JP-2C

    iTrader: 0

    Good to see this thread again. I just snagged a Demon off of Ebay for $30. Has an 808 and TS9 circuit in it. It's a cheap clone, but well made and gives you some variety and bang for your buck.

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