What to do with my rig?
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Thread: What to do with my rig?

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    What to do with my rig?

    So, currently I have a setup where I have Framus Cobra and Boss ms-3 (+ couple of pedals) and obviously a cabinet. I'm using the ms-3 with the 4 cable method and control the amp the via MIDI. It's the first time I actually have presets and can go from clean to lead/chunk easily and I love it.

    But...the ms-3 kills the tone of the amp. Or I think it does. Apparently the effects loop of the Cobra is shitty, so I guess that could be part of the problem too. The amp sounds like the tone is coming from around the corner, there's absolutely no cut. I played with a bunch of friends and in a band situation the sound just disappears.

    So I'm thinking if i should ditch the ms-3 and maybe even go with just pedals for the effects or is the parrallel effects loop of the Framus gonna ruin that plan?

    Thanks for your help!

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    We need audio examples to know how it sounds and be able to help

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    Replace the whole lot. Full Diezel/Engl rig, then your tone and testosterone will also surge.
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    I am curious to hear how this pans out because I’ve been eyeing the MS-3 and haven’t heard of any problems with it. Are there any level controls or something on the MS-3 patches that could be adjusted or something?

    How’s Framus support? Could reach out to them for help or at least complain about the effects loop being apparent balls.
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    The obvious question: have you A/B'd the amp with and without the MS-3? Particularly with all the effects turned off? Also, I dunno how safe it is (I've done it on old Fenders and Marshalls), but you could jump the effects send and return with a 1/4" cable to hear what the amp sounds like when you add the loop into the chain and nothing else.
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    I had a similar issue when I ran my eleven rack 4cm. I put an eq between the eleven racks output to the loop and the Fx return on my amp. I was able to bring the volume back up and tweak the EQ to my liking. I dont know if it will help your rig but It worked for me on my 6505+ and My 6505mh.

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    Eh, I had a cobra for a while. The loop was shitty in my experience. Its parallel, so you have to dial it fully wet to stop phasing sounds. But that causes you to lose a gain stage, which was balls. I think you will get the same problem with any unit you try. I tried a pod hd500, g major and nova system all with the same result.

    If you really want to run fx, I'd advise sell the cobra and get something with a good serial loop. I did, and never looked back.

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    Yeah, that sounds like a phasing issue with a parallel FX loop

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